X4 Labs vs. Jes Extender vs. Male Edge: Make the Right Choice

Penis extenders are used to apply a constant traction force on the penis to stimulate natural permanent growth. Results vary for each user, but generally, the maximum gain in length you can look for is about one inch. Although some men claimed a 2+ inch enlargement, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to add more than an inch to your penile length.

Penile traction is a long and hard journey — best results are achieved after more than 6 months of stretching. The progress is slow, but if you have the determination and patience, you can gain some significant results. There is no other natural way to increase penis size that works better or faster than extenders.

All penile stretching devices in the market work based on the same concept, and when it comes to separating the good from the bad, the main considerations are overall quality, material grade, comfortability, manufacturer reputation, as well as customer and professional feedback.

Let’s narrow our choices to three popular brands: X4 Labs, Jes Extender, and Male Edge. Which one of these is the best penis extender?

X4 Labs

My Verdict:

Good device that delivers – Best value for money.

X4 Labs Extender and Fasteners

Review Digest:

The X4 Labs system is one of the few penis extenders that stand out from the crowd. Developed and sold by Canada-based X4 Labs Inc., this product offers great value for money for buyers on a budget.

The company features a wide range of packages to select from with reasonable prices starting from only $79.99 for the deluxe edition. They also offer plans tailored for Peyronie’s disease patients. In addition to that, they have a good collection of penis pumps.


  • A unique InfiniteFit Quad Support system designed for maximum comfort and stability.
  • Multiple fastener types and ability to mount different combinations.
  • Includes Memory Foam padding for extra comfort.
  • Plenty of spare parts included for free. Accessories and replacement parts can be bought separately.
  • Affordable, well-built device that tops many of the overpriced low-quality extenders sold in online stores.
  • Many bonuses and goodies in high-end packages including a penis exercise DVD and a penis pump.
  • Suitable for sizes up to 20 inches (don’t even think about it!)
  • Device warranted for a minimum of 1 year, and up to lifetime.
  • Discreet and express shipping to all countries — billing statement will show “X4 Labs”.


  • Many of the add-ons in the Gold Luxury edition are useless. Save yourself a lot of money and just order the Premium edition for $127.49.
  • The scads of different editions and add-ons can be confusing.
  • No clinical trial data available.

Available Packages:

X4 Labs Extender: Deluxe, Premium, and Gold Luxury Editions
Click Here to Go to X4 Labs Website and Order Online!

Jes Extender

My Verdict:

Great quality, BUT high price.

Jes Extender Device

Review Digest:

The Jes Extender is the oldest well-known penile traction system with over 20 years of success worldwide. Its inventor, Denmark-based DanaMedic ApS, was the first to patent an extender device for penile traction treatment. Many products in the market today are simply an ‘imitation’ of the original Jes Extender. Jes, by the way, is the name of the man behind the product — his full name is Jes Bech Müller and he is the founder and CEO of the company.

If you are looking for an extender of fine quality and high durability then the Jes-Extender is hands down the best you can find! It is as good as gold, and I don’t mean that metaphorically; they actually offer a version with all metal parts coated with 24 carat gold. Additionally, you may opt for pure sterling silver coating, or the sumptuous pure platinum-coated model for those who do not settle for less than the crème de la crème.

The hand-made Jes Extender is not the cheapest extender around. The basic package has a price tag of $209.99, but if your eyes are fixed on the tip-top platinum package then prepare to shell out $1,000.


  • The original penis elongation system that many other companies strive to emulate.
  • Patented technology, high quality and professional design.
  • Developed by doctors and specialists.
  • Completely safe to use at home.
  • CE certified and FDA classified as Class 1 medical device.
  • Fits any penis size up to 9.1 inches in length.
  • Discreet shipping and billing.
  • Double money-back guarantee.
  • A minimum of 1 year warranty.


  • Prices are premium. You can get the same results using a cheaper extender (like X4 Labs).
  • No spare parts included in the packages, but they can be purchased separately.

Available Packages:

Jes Extender Packages and Prices
Click Here to Go to Jes Extender Website and Order Online!

Male Edge

My Verdict:

Modern stylish design, BUT breaks easily.

Male Edge Device (White)

Review Digest:

Male Edge is the second-generation penis extender introduced by DanaMedic ApS, the Danish innovator of penile traction devices and creator of the original Jes Extender. Male Edge is distinguished by its unique stylish and modern design, patented traction technology, quality materials, and flexibility. The device comes with an adjustable traction system that will help you control the amount of stretching force according to the provided schedule.

Male Edge was probably the first brand to introduce plastic elongation bars instead of the typical metal ones, and that turned out to be not a very wise decision. While the plastic bars make the device lighter and easier to wear, they tend to break easily. Some users broke their Male Edge after just a few weeks of use. This is not my #1 recommendation for any man looking for the right tool to embark on his penis enlargement quest, but if you are a collector and have extra money to spend, then go ahead and give it a try!


  • A cool device that provides effective penile stretching.
  • Easy to monitor and adjust the traction.
  • Comes with extra accessories and replacement parts.
  • Private billing and shipping worldwide.
  • 1 year warranty.


  • It can break quickly.
  • The plastic bars can be less comfortable than the smooth metal bars, especially when they rub against the groins.
  • The starter package lacks spare parts.
  • No clinical trials were conducted using this specific model, however, it uses the same principle as its proven precursor; the Jes Extender.

Available Packages:

Male Edge Packages and Prices
Click Here to Go to Male Edge Website and Order Online!

General Notes

  • Extenders are effective for lengthening the penis, but they do not increase girth.
  • There are many routines users follow when stretching their penis with a traction device. Some programs also recommend manual penis exercises, especially for girth enhancement. See PG’s recommended routine.
  • Most review websites are biased and make exaggerated claims as they receive commissions for their referrals. Do not trust what you see in promotional before and after pictures, since many of those pictures are dishonest/fake.

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