Step by Step guideline on how to use a penis pump


There are two main reasons why a man might decide to use a penis pump. It can either be for increasing penis size or simply for p[personal pleasure. Penis pumps also known as dick pumps are a great alternative to taking enlargement pills to achieve a harder and long lasting erection. It is also a way safer option as compared male enhancement surgery. For men who just want some pleasure once in a while, a dick pump will temporary increase size hence heightening sexual performance. On the other hand, if you are serious about penile enlargement and use it consistently, it will ultimately lead to tissue expansion which adds inches to a flaccid penis.

To understand how a penis pump works, we have to first understand the anatomy of a dick pump

While there are numerous design and styles of penis pumps such as vacuum pumps, vibrating pumps and hydro pumps, there are several features that all these pumps have, these features revolve around offering optimum suction.

Quick tip: Penis pumps can also come in a variety of sizes (some have large chambers and others have small chambers).

Here is the step by step guideline on using a penis pump

Step 1

To ensure that the insertion is comfortable it is advisable to apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of dick pump.

Step 2

Gently insert your dick into the cylinder chamber this is unless you are using a Bathmate pump where your penis needs to be flaccid. It is best to keep the testicles out of the cylinder completely.

Step 3

Gently press the base of the dick pump because this will create a tight seal between the pump and penile skin.  It is recommended that you trim the penis hair so that the dick pump can sit flatly against your pubic bone.


Depending on the type of dick pump you are using, you can either place your finger over the quick-release-valve. Alternatively you can simply twist the quick release valave so that it is completely shut.

Step 5

Begin pumping slowly and ensure that between each pump there is some allowance to help adjust pressure within the chamber before you squeeze the bulb for 2nd or 3rd time


Keep pumping until the penis is completely erect


Gently remote your penis from the pump and then check it carefully for any unusual distraction. Normally the penis tends to change in colour which is followed by some pain that quickly fades. The good news is that this happens to a beginner who is still getting used to feeling of using a penis pump.


Once you feel like you have reached the maximum length (this is a length that although long enough is not painful or uncomfortable), Gently release the air pressure valve  so that it opens. Opening the pressure valve will let air out of the chamber which will allow the user to remove the penis without any discomfort

A few safety precautions

Using a dick pump is absolutely healthy and safe except you must keep an eye out for a few things such as:

It will take a bit of time for a beginner to get used to the sucking sensation; however, there must be some pain and discomfort. However if the pain is too much and it persists, it is recommended to stop and consult an expert before you continue use.




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