Do Penis Pumps Work? Lets Look At The Effectiveness

Penis pumps come in various designs with different pumping mechanisms

Are Penis Pumps Effective?

Well now, the answer to that depends on how you define the word “work..” If by work you mean will a pump give the user an erection and make it last for hours? The answer is, in most cases, “yes” it could, to both. But hold on, before you start pumping away, there are a few things that you should know, such as the way it works.

First of all, a penis pump is actually a vacuum pump in a glass or plastic cylinder activated (mostly) by squeezing a rubber bulb. This tube is placed over the limp penis and the seal is made airtight by pressing the tube firmly into the pubic area at the base of the penis. It may be necessary to use a lubricant on the end of the cylinder to ensure a leak-proof seal.

After a few squeezes, a partial vacuum is created, and so is an erection.

So again the simple answer is YES, penis pumps work an here is how:

Penis pumps enhance blood flow into the penile region


Penis pumps are extremely effective in improving erection because they improve blood flow into the penile chambers,. This not only makes for hard-rock erection but also make the erection last longer. Improved blood flow into the blood vessels in the penis region is a traditional solution for erectile dysfunction and other forms of impotence that affect many men. According to a study published by the Huffington Post, 50% to 80% of people who use these pumps are satisfied with the results.

Overtime penis pumps will increase penis length


Subjecting any part of the body to stress consistently will cause it to adjust in size. Although penis pumps are a relatively new idea, they use a concept that has been in use for thousands of years. An example of this concept in action is when an athlete develops stronger lungs and bigger muscles without necessarily going to the gym or working out.

According to reliable research and statistics from avid users of penis pumps, with the right pump a user can gain 1 to 2 inches within just a month of consistent use

Since they run often their body is under constant stress and the tissues adjust in size in response to this. The penis also adjusts in size when it is subjected stress via a penis pump consistently. According to reliable research and statistics from avid users of penis pumps, with the right pump a user can gain 1 to 2 inches within just a month of consistent use. Although a penis pump can help increase the girth the gains are not as prominent and noticeable as length gains.

Is the size increase gained through penis pumps permanent?


A man penis is mostly made up of spongy tissues so it makes sense that filling it with blood then stretching it will cause expansion of these tissues.  Unlike surgery where the length and girth gains are permanent, the length increases using penis pumps is mostly temporary. This expansion process is similar to going to gym to gain lean muscle. Immediately you life the weight muscle appear bigger but return to their normal size after some hours. If you persist then muscles will grow and maintain their size. If you want the size effects to be permanent, you must be consistent and use this device for a long period of time.

Can I use penis pumps during sexual intercourse?

Penis pumps are extremely beneficial during actual sex because they improve the quality of an erection (hard rock and long lasting erection). This boosts sexual performance, endurance and also leaves your partner completely satisfied.

Who can use a penis pump?

Penis pumps are suitable for patient suffering from erectile dysfunction that is caused by the following issues:

  • Poor blood circulation to the penile region
  • Men suffering from Diabetes
  • Men recovering from prostate surgery
  • Men recovering from colon cancer surgery
  • Also suitable for men suffering from anxiety, depression and other psychological conditions

That said not all men should use these penis pumps. If you are afflicted with any of the conditions mentioned below then exercise caution and seek medical advice from a doctor who understand your medical history. Tread with caution if fall in the following categories:

  • Suffering from sickle cell anaemia and any blood related conditions
  • Afflicted with bleeding disorders and are under blood thinning medication such as warfarin
  • Spinal code injury
  • Have any penile issues such as spinal code injury or severe penis curvature

At the height of the erection, one or more constriction rings, resembling rubber bands, are slipped down from the end of the cylinder to the base of the penis. This is similar to blowing up a balloon, then tying a knot at the end so the air doesn’t escape.

The physiology of what actually happens to cause this erection is that more blood is forced into the organ’s sponge-like erectile tissues flooding the cavernous spaces, thereby causing the organ to enlarge into an erection.

This mechanical action of the pump mimics what would normally occur in an erection caused just by arousal. When a man is sexually aroused, blood normally floods the penis starting the expansion process. At the same time a secretion called norepinephrine is released by the sympathetic nervous system. This further expands and dilates the blood vessels leading to the penis, allowing even more blood to flow.

Once your erection is reached and tied off, you’re ready to perform any sexual act of your choice. Just remember to remove the glass cylinder first! The rubber band should remain for as long as the erection is required, and must be removed when the act is finished (consult manufacturer’s manual and safety instructions.)

Step by Step Guideline on How To Use a Penis Pump So Its Works!


There are two main reasons why a man might decide to use a penis pump. It can either be for increasing penis size or simply for p[personal pleasure. Penis pumps also known as dick pumps are a great alternative to taking enlargement pills to achieve a harder and long lasting erection. It is also a way safer option as compared male enhancement surgery. For men who just want some pleasure once in a while, a dick pump will temporary increase size hence heightening sexual performance. On the other hand, if you are serious about penile enlargement and use it consistently, it will ultimately lead to tissue expansion which adds inches to a flaccid penis.

To understand how a penis pump works, we have to first understand the anatomy of a dick pump

While there are numerous design and styles of penis pumps such as vacuum pumps, vibrating pumps and hydro pumps, there are several features that all these pumps have, these features revolve around offering optimum suction.

Quick tip: Penis pumps can also come in a variety of sizes (some have large chambers and others have small chambers).

Here is the step by step guideline on using a penis pump

Step 1

To ensure that the insertion is comfortable it is advisable to apply a water-based lubricant to the opening of dick pump.

Step 2

Gently insert your dick into the cylinder chamber this is unless you are using a Bathmate pump where your penis needs to be flaccid. It is best to keep the testicles out of the cylinder completely.

Step 3

Gently press the base of the dick pump because this will create a tight seal between the pump and penile skin.  It is recommended that you trim the penis hair so that the dick pump can sit flatly against your pubic bone.


Depending on the type of dick pump you are using, you can either place your finger over the quick-release-valve. Alternatively you can simply twist the quick release valave so that it is completely shut.

Step 5

Begin pumping slowly and ensure that between each pump there is some allowance to help adjust pressure within the chamber before you squeeze the bulb for 2nd or 3rd time


Keep pumping until the penis is completely erect


Gently remote your penis from the pump and then check it carefully for any unusual distraction. Normally the penis tends to change in colour which is followed by some pain that quickly fades. The good news is that this happens to a beginner who is still getting used to feeling of using a penis pump.


Once you feel like you have reached the maximum length (this is a length that although long enough is not painful or uncomfortable), Gently release the air pressure valve  so that it opens. Opening the pressure valve will let air out of the chamber which will allow the user to remove the penis without any discomfort

A few safety precautions

Using a dick pump is absolutely healthy and safe except you must keep an eye out for a few things such as:

It will take a bit of time for a beginner to get used to the sucking sensation; however, there must be some pain and discomfort. However if the pain is too much and it persists, it is recommended to stop and consult an expert before you continue use.

3 Common Myths About Penis Pumps

There are thousands of men currently benefiting from the use of penile pumps. Sadly, there are many other men who could benefit from these pumps but don’t use them because they are discouraged by myths. Most men are so discouraged by these myths and end up suffering in silence. Such men consider penis pumps another fad that will simply waste their money, end up harming the in the long run. This article is focused on debunking 4 of the most common myths about penis pumps.

Most men are so discouraged by these myths and end up suffering in silence

MYTH 1: Penis pumps damage the penis completely

Contrary to this popular myth, when rightly used penis pumps actually enhance the functionality of this delicate reproductive organ. The truth is the exact opposite, consistent use of these devices as instructed by a doctor will actually improve sexual health permanently. Additionally, these devices are used externally meaning that they non-invasive and cannot cause any permanent damage to the penis.


MYTH 2: penis pumps cannot be used by men with low blood circulation and Diabetes

This is absolutely false! Penis pumps are designed in such a way that they are still beneficial and safe for men suffering from blood circulation and diabetes. The truth is that this myth is created and propagated by people for their own selfish interest. These devices are safe for men with diabetes ad even those with low blood circulation.

MYTH 3: Penis pumps are expensive

Most men grappling with erectile dysfunction issues believe in the myth that penis pumps are expensive. On the contrary these devices are extremely affordable and extremely easy to use. They are much cheaper than the alternatives which are pills and surgery to correct erectile dysfunction. In fact penis pumps are the cheapest safe and effective solution to erectile dysfunction.

5 Reliable Tips for Buying a Great Penis Pump

Contrary to common misconception picking the right penis pump is not as easy as it sounds; it can be harder that is sounds (pun intended).

Grow 3 inches over night! Get a bigger dick! Rock her world with your biggest length!

I am absolutely sure you have heard such promises when it comes when it comes to using penis pumps. As you will quickly learn, these promises are just mere claims. Scientifically speaking, penis pumps will not necessarily increase the size of your penis by a circumstantial length. Additionally, they will also not increase the girth. Penis pumps are not a permanent solution to achieving an erection.

Research has ascertained that all these devices will give you is a rock hard erection and also increase the sensitivity of your penile region which adds to your sexual pleasure. According to experts penile pumps are the most effective and safest treatment of erectile dysfunction. The last thing you want or need is waste your time and money on a device that does not work.

Here are the 5 effective penis pumps purchasing tips;

Above all, a user must consider safety first

When it comes to using any type of male enhancement medication or device, it is best to keep safety in mind. Start by reading the instruction by the manufacturer carefully and then follow them to a tee. Never ignore anything that the manufacturer says. To combat any danger of injury you need to first and foremost pump gently and gradually increase intensity over every single session. As a rule of thumb; do not do more than your body can handle.

Research exhaustively and read the reviews for the dick pumps

One thing the internet managed is to do is expose everyone to someone else who is going through similar challenges and experiences. Unlike in the past when talking about sexual health was shied upon, now it is all over online. You are able to research exhaustively and acquire information on what has worked best for others.

Know measurements and understand exactly what you want

Knowing what you want is the first step when it comes to choosing the best penis pump that will suit your needs and boost your sexual performance. Genuinely measure both your width and length so that you buy a device with a cylinder that is comfortable to wear. Go for a device that is at least a quarter larger than both the length and width of your penis.

Do you want an electrical or manual device?

Just like any other manual and electrical devices, there some difference to take into consideration. For instance manual pumps are using the power of your hand to help squeeze the mechanism that helps to boost the vacuum inside the tube. Experts advise older men who don’t have the dexterity and physical strength to opt for electrical pumps since all you have to do to increase pressure is simply flip a switch.

How much is your budget?

Like other things in life, a great and high quality pump will cost more. While price and quality are not always in perfect correlation, a bit more money can definitely guarantee you a robust and user friendly device that will work effectively for a longer period of time.

Talk to a doctor who understands your sexual history and general health status

A great doctor when it comes to sexual issues is one who knows your entire sexual history. A doctor will recommend whether a penis pumps is s suitable solution and will also give you guidance on who to use it so that it does not affect your general health or sexual performance.

Dangers of Using a Penis Enlarger Pumps Inappropriately

Like any other medication, using penile pumps for male enhancement must be done appropriately to avoid negative side effects that will further affect your sexual health and performance. Once you attain a comfortable erection it is advisable to stop, don’t be too overenthusiastic and end up pushing your male reproductive organ beyond what it is naturally able to attain.

Here are the potential dangers of using a penile pump inappropriately:

  • Most men who appropriately use penile pump do it because of carelessness and excitement in the heat of the moment. This carelessness could harm the penis because keep in mind that this area is super sensitive-packed with nerve ending, blood vessels and soft tissues muscles.


  • When a penis pump is used inappropriately consistently, you penis will end up becoming misshapen, cold to touch and also discoloured. Additionally, you may also develop a numb feeling in your penis which is the last thing any man wants.
  • Regularly using a penis pump without any in-between breaks will thin out the penis and also make it use. If you are using this male enhancement device it is better to take a break after regular use.

  • It is important that the penis ring is only used for a maximum of 30 minutes. This is because when left on for too long it tends to trap blood in the penis causing damage to the penile tissues. If this happens regularly, it can lead to permanent deformity of your penis

  • It is best to be not completely reliant on the penis pump for an erection as this will lead to dependency. Dependency means you can never get an erection without using a penis pump.

The best way to avoid these side effects is using penis pumps but taking breaks so that your penis does not lose it ability to become erect without additional help from you.