Do Penis Pumps Work? Lets Look At The Effectiveness

Penis pumps come in various designs with different pumping mechanisms

Are Penis Pumps Effective?

Well now, the answer to that depends on how you define the word “work..” If by work you mean will a pump give the user an erection and make it last for hours? The answer is, in most cases, “yes” it could, to both. But hold on, before you start pumping away, there are a few things that you should know, such as the way it works.

First of all, a penis pump is actually a vacuum pump in a glass or plastic cylinder activated (mostly) by squeezing a rubber bulb. This tube is placed over the limp penis and the seal is made airtight by pressing the tube firmly into the pubic area at the base of the penis. It may be necessary to use a lubricant on the end of the cylinder to ensure a leak-proof seal.

After a few squeezes, a partial vacuum is created, and so is an erection.

At the height of the erection, one or more constriction rings, resembling rubber bands, are slipped down from the end of the cylinder to the base of the penis. This is similar to blowing up a balloon, then tying a knot at the end so the air doesn’t escape.

The physiology of what actually happens to cause this erection is that more blood is forced into the organ’s sponge-like erectile tissues flooding the cavernous spaces, thereby causing the organ to enlarge into an erection.

This mechanical action of the pump mimics what would normally occur in an erection caused just by arousal. When a man is sexually aroused, blood normally floods the penis starting the expansion process. At the same time a secretion called norepinephrine is released by the sympathetic nervous system. This further expands and dilates the blood vessels leading to the penis, allowing even more blood to flow.

Once your erection is reached and tied off, you’re ready to perform any sexual act of your choice. Just remember to remove the glass cylinder first! The rubber band should remain for as long as the erection is required, and must be removed when the act is finished (consult manufacturer’s manual and safety instructions.)

Caution: Pump at Your Own Risk!

There are some risks and precautions to these “instant” erections however, otherwise half the world would be pumping away.

  • Ruptured blood vessels: Over-zealous pumping can burst internal blood vessels and cause hematomas, swelling and unsightly bruises.
  • Blisters and sores: Skin irritations can occur from aggressive over-suctioning, over-use, pressure of the vacuum seal at the base of the penis, or a reaction to the lubricant used.
  • Cylinder cuts and abrasions: Even though most penis pumps are made to meet medical equipment standards, as their price tag implies, some cylinder edges have been coarse enough to inflict damage to skin and ligaments around the penis.
  • Restricted blood flow: Remove bands after 30 minutes. Testicular tissues deprived of oxygen, if the constricting rings are left on long enough and the procedure is done often enough, could precipitate gangrenous complications. And this is one organ you don’t want to have to remove.
  • Testicular incidents: In some cases, testicles have been sucked up into the cylinder by enthusiastic or impatient users causing pain and possible permanent damage.

Warning: Do Not Use a Vacuum Cleaner For These Purposes!

To any of you who are scientifically inclined and think you can rig up something and attach your vacuum cleaner to it – we’re warning you – don’t! Vacuum cleaner motors are much too powerful for this delicate maneuver. And even if you didn’t suffer from any permanent damage, you could die from embarrassment when they rush you to emergency.