A Detailed look at 2 of the Best and most effective penis pumps is 2018


Research and statistics have ascertained that using a penis pumps can help boost sexual performance and satisfaction. These pumps are most effective in reducing penile curvature and improving the quality of erections. The male enhancement industry is crowded by products that don’t work, with exhaustive research you will be able to find a device that is safe and also works effectively. It is important to keep in mind that everyone is different and reacts differently to the use of penile pumps. To help facilitate your choice, here are 5 feasible options:


Brief product details

Manufactured by DX Products Limited which is a UK based company

Minimum results-ONE inch

Maximum results-FOUR and HALF inches

Noticeable results-After 30 days of consistent use

Money back guarantee-60 days

Free delivery globally

This highly effective product is manufactured by a reputable company in this industry. DX Products was the first company to ever design a hydro pump (this is a highly revolutionary penile pump that can be used with both water and air. This company has 6 different dick pumps. Whether you are just a beginner or novice in penis pumps, you can find an excellent Bathmate product that specifically meets all your wants and needs and objectives.

If you are just starting out, I recommend using the New Hydromax Bathmate or the original Hercules Bathmate penis pumps. The main distinction between Hercules and Hydromax is that the new model (Hydromax) features an highly innovative removal comfort together with a bellow pump which according to the manufacturer provide 35% more pressure.


Brief Product Details


Awards won-SIGN AWARD and the VENUS AWARD IN 2013 and 2014

Money Back Gurantee-60 DAYS


Manufactured by the Arctic Sea Company that is based in Iceland

Minimum expected penis growth-0.2 inches

Maximum expected penis growth-4 inches

Bathmate is a great option that can help widen both girth and length and so is Penomet. The latter closely resembles Hydromax but works a bit differently. This is because Penomet uses an interchangeable pressure gaiter system which is specifically designed to help in safe and gradual penile enlargement.  When using Penomet experts recommend beginning with the lowest gaiter setting and gradually increasing. This is so that you can slowly get acclimatised to the force and pressure and your body can handle more.

Penomet needs to be used with water for the highest effect. Simply use it consistently for 15 minutes daily preferably when you are in the shower. Short term results include bigger and firmer erections while long term results are slight size increment (this will only happen if the pump is used consistently for a long period of time-more than 6 months).


Penomet Water-Based Penis Pumps (Colored)

Penomet and Bathmate are the best in the market according to knowledgeable and experienced professionals. They are not only endorsed by experts, but also by loyal users who claim the device is not only effective but also safe and extremely easy to use.