Dangers of Using a Penis Enlarger Pumps Inappropriately

Like any other medication, using penile pumps for male enhancement must be done appropriately to avoid negative side effects that will further affect your sexual health and performance. Once you attain a comfortable erection it is advisable to stop, don’t be too overenthusiastic and end up pushing your male reproductive organ beyond what it is naturally able to attain.

Here are the potential dangers of using a penile pump inappropriately:

  • Most men who appropriately use penile pump do it because of carelessness and excitement in the heat of the moment. This carelessness could harm the penis because keep in mind that this area is super sensitive-packed with nerve ending, blood vessels and soft tissues muscles.


  • When a penis pump is used inappropriately consistently, you penis will end up becoming misshapen, cold to touch and also discoloured. Additionally, you may also develop a numb feeling in your penis which is the last thing any man wants.
  • Regularly using a penis pump without any in-between breaks will thin out the penis and also make it use. If you are using this male enhancement device it is better to take a break after regular use.

  • It is important that the penis ring is only used for a maximum of 30 minutes. This is because when left on for too long it tends to trap blood in the penis causing damage to the penile tissues. If this happens regularly, it can lead to permanent deformity of your penis

  • It is best to be not completely reliant on the penis pump for an erection as this will lead to dependency. Dependency means you can never get an erection without using a penis pump.

The best way to avoid these side effects is using penis pumps but taking breaks so that your penis does not lose it ability to become erect without additional help from you.

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