Penis Pump Safety: 7 Things Every Man Must know!

A penis size is extremely helpful in increasing penile size and also improving the quality of erection (a quality erection is harder and lasts longer). Most men dealing with sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction rely on penis pumps to enhance their sexual performance. Despite being widely used, most people have no idea the precautions they need to take into consideration when using penis pumps.

Let’s begin by understanding that there are different types of penile enlarger pumps…

There are a variety of penis pumps in the market. The most popularly used is one that features a plunger and squeeze ball. Another common type is the handgrip since it gives the user increased control over pressure regulation. On the other hand electric penis enlarger pumps have numerous settings that help to elate the pressure suction. When using a vibrating penis pumps it is necessary to provide vibration so that the user achieves a penis erection. Typically speaking a penis pumps consists mainly of  two parts. A cylinder and penis pump. A constriction band and lubricant are also essential. The great news is that all thing important things typically come along with the kit.

Here are the 7 tips you need to know

As a rule of thumb when using any male enhancement products you need to be careful so that you don’t end up harming your penis. Any further damage to your penis will mean your sexual performance and sexual health in general is detrimentally affected. Before using a penile pump read through the following 7 steps carefully:

Step 1

Always begin by first lubricating the penis properly and thoroughly. Gently insert your penis into the cylindrical tube. The penis is most of the times attached to a penis enlarger pump

Step 2

Start pumping gently and be careful so that you don’t end up over pumping as this will end up causing severe and permanent damage to your penis. In the beginning it is normal to feel a slight pinch and pressure on your male reproductive organ as air is gradually drawn for the tube.

Step 3

Keep on pumping gently until your penis is comfortably erect

Step 4

It is best not to keep pumping for more than 20 minutes in a single session to avoid any harm to your reproductive organ

Step 5

Once you are comfortable with the kind of erection you have achieved, simply slip a penis ring at the base of your male reproductive organ

Step 6

Gently release the vacuum, since you have already placed the constriction ring at the base of the penis it will help to trap the blood in the penis hence help you maintain the erection you have attained.

Step 7

Wear your penis ring for a maximum of 30 minutes

Additionally, here are a few things to keep in mind when you are using a penile pump

If you are using a penile pump that is manual, ensure that the pumping action is gentle.When pumping your penis take frequent breaks so that you do not overstretch and overextend your penis

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