Using Penis Extender Devices to Treat Peyronie’s Disease

Penis extender device Peyronie’s Disease is, to put it simply, a condition that causes a curvature of the penis. Most men have a slight curve in the penis which is completely normal, but with Peyronie’s Disease the curvature is quite exaggerated and can cause curving to the left or right and in rare instances even downward. Peyronie’s can also be painful for the first few months that a man suffers from the condition. It can come on suddenly and be quite painful at first and is caused by the build-up of scar tissue or plaques.

Peyronie’s Disease, even when not painful can be difficult to live with because of its impact on a man’s sex life. Erections can be uncomfortable and sex can be painful for the partner as well as the sufferer, making it very difficult to enjoy a fulfilling sex life.

Men used to have to simply live with Peyronie’s Disease, but these days there is help available. Using penis extender devices to treat this condition has proven to be an effective and fairly inexpensive treatment option.

How Can Penis Extender Devices Help Treat Peyronie’s Disease?

Penis extenders are in the medical world referred to as traction devices. These devices are made to fit the penis and hold it in a straightening position. Using these devices regularly will over time help to straighten the penis, in some cases by more than seventy percent. As well, traction and extender devices can also help to increase the overall length of the penis – something that many men are pleased to learn.

Traction devices are medically classified as Type 1 medical devices. This refers to the fact that they cause no known negative side effects for users. The way that they work is that by stretching the penis, tiny tears are created in the tissue which encourages the production of new cells in these newly created spaces. These new cells are permanent and over time reshape the penis. This premise is the same as bodybuilding in that when you lift heavy weights, your muscle tissue expands and tears, creating new cells and making your muscles bigger.

In keeping with the bodybuilding example, getting the lasting results you want requires patience and time. You will need to follow the instructions included with your penis extender diligently in order to achieve what you want from the device. Treating Peyronie’s Disease with penile stretchers will not provide you with a quick fix or overnight results. And, correcting your curvature safely and comfortably should be your number one priority and considered when not only choosing your treatment device but also when following the directions. Rome wasn’t built in a day! Take your time and do it properly to save yourself pain and money.

Some Final Important Advice

Finally, do your research when choosing your extender device for Peyronie’s Disease. Of the hundreds on the market, not all of them have been approved for use in the treatment of Peyronie’s or approved by the FDA. Research the different devices available, read the testimonials, and choose based on merit and reliability and not just price.