Can penis extenders increase girth?

Can penis extenders increase girth?

One of the most reliable ways to enlarge your penis without medication and surgery is through the use of a penis extender. This is a simple device that stimulates tissue production because of consistent pressure of hard and long erections.

These extenders apply longitudinal force on the penis causing it to increase the girth and length. In fact numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proved that penis extenders can actually increase the length of the penis by 30% in just 3 to 6 months. This kind of growth is what every man dealing with sexually related problems desires:

  • Clearly penis extenders can increases length, the most common questions most men ask is can penis extenders increase girth?

To answer this question we must first understand the idea behind the usefulness of penis extenders. Extenders are based on the fact that subjecting any part of the body to stress consistently will cause it to adjust in size. Although penis extenders are a relatively new idea, they use a concept that has been in use for thousands of years. An example of this concept in action is when an athlete develops stronger lungs and bigger muscles without necessarily going to the gym or working out. Since they run often their body is under constant stress and the tissues adjust in size in response to this. The penis also adjusts in size when it is subjected to tensile stress consistently (a certain number of hours daily).

According to reliable studies, what are the gains in size?

Manufacturers of different penile extender brands make very different claims when it comes to permanent size increment. The claims may be true since there are many factors that affect the size increment. This means that a better basis is academic studies, based on such studies most of the participants gained about an inch after using penis extenders for 4 hours for half a year.

What about penis girth?


According to most studies both academic and clinical, there have not been any significant gains in girth even after using penis extenders consistently  for long periods of time.




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