Does using a Penis Extender hurt?


While an increase in size of the penis is the desire of every man, the last thing anyone wants is a device that is painful to use. For most men, the pain is not worth the gain. In fact according psychologists exposing your penis to continuous pain will lead to low stamina and reduced desire to have sex. This is because your penis is for reproductions and pleasure when consistently exposed to pain, the brain naturally associates anything affiliated with the penis including to pain. Here is what you need to know about pain when it comes to using penis extenders:#

  1. The risk of pinching

Yes, pinching from a penis extender is exactly as it sounds. There are parts of this device that will pinch the skin causing discomfort, irritation and even pain in extreme cases. To be absolutely honest, the pinching does not happen when the device is functionally perfect. It typically happens when the device is used incorrectly. Since most penis extenders are excellently designed and a tad bit complicated, it will take some time to learn how to put them on right.



When used correctly (as instructed by the manufacturer you will not experience any pinching). If you experience any pinching it is better to discontinue use until you figure out the issue and resolve it. As said earlier the gain is definitely not worth all the pain!

  1. Another source of pain when using penis extenders is overstretching

The human body deals with stretching and stress by readjusting tissue growth, however; when you overdo it, the result is pain. The tip of penis needs to remain pliant and nice even when wearing an extender so that the penis can grow, expand and adapt. This is because if you place too much pressure on the tip, it will harden and this will stunt your growth and hinder any progress you want to make when it comes to length.



To avoid pain and any harm to your penis, it is advisable to user the penis for just 4-6 hours daily and don’t crank up the force past the maximum setting. Unlike exercise where more pain means more gain, penile tissues are not like muscles. Penile muscles are smooth muscle tissues and their growth is only stimulated by low-intensity long time period.

  1. Another potential source of pain and penis damage is cutting of the normal blood flow

Similar to pinching, this will only happen when the device is used incorrectly. Additionally, it also happens when a device is poorly designed. Modern penis extenders feature an ‘anchoring mechanism’ which holds the tip of the penis shaft in place. Regardless of the design this feature is a must because they help to hold the penis in stretched position where blood flow is not interrupted.

Modern penis extenders feature an ‘anchoring mechanism’ which holds the tip of the penis shaft in place

The mistake most people make is latching onto the penis too tightly. This cut off the normal blood supply to the penis. While some guys will experience pain within a few minutes others will start feeling the pain after a few hours.

  • There is only RULE when it comes Penis Extenders

Strictly adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer

 If you experience any sharp, acute pain then you are definitely doing something wrong. Take off the deice immediately and try

 Never tough it out thinking you will gain more in the long term, you are just harming yourself psychologically and physically

 Any sharp pain when wearing the extender is not normal and should never be tolerated

What type of sensation should I be feeling when wearing a penis extender?


Instead of a sharp or pinching pain what you should expect to feel when using a penis extender is a starching sensation. The starching sensation is an indication that your penile tissues are actively expanding. Although it is not the most comfortable feeling, it is not painful and is quite similar to stretching the calf muscles of your leg.

Just remember NO SHARP, PINCHING PAIN, just slight and manageable tugging at the penis. 


There is no doubt that if you follow all the recommendations in this article wearing a penis extender will be a harmless and beneficial experience for you.

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