Best Penis Extender Reviews: 10 Facts and 3 Recommended Devices

Best Penis Extender Reviews 2018

Penis Extenders: 10 Facts & 3 Good DevicesWhen stretching your penis your going to only want to use the best penis extender as it is one the most important parts of your body! Thousands of men have tried it using a penile traction (extender) device, and many were able to achieve some results after a few months of regular use. As an alternative to costly and risky surgery, penis extenders would be the best bet for men looking for permanent enlargement naturally.

However, despite their proven efficacy, traction devices aren’t a magic bullet that is guaranteed to work for everyone. If you set out on an online quest to find and purchase a good penis extender you will be bombarded with all kinds of tall promises and guarantees. So, what is the truth about these enlargement devices?

There are numerous choices when it comes to finding the right penis pump for your sexual needs. This article will help you make the best decision when it comes to purchasing the best penis extenders. Lets looks at exactly what penis extenders are and if you need one.

What Are Penis Extenders?

Penis Extender Basic PartsA penis extender or stretcher is a medical-grade device that is used to apply a steady and constant amount of traction (stretching) force to the shaft of the penis. They are also known as penis traction devices and they are used by doctors in Penile Traction Therapy (PTT), especially in patients who have had penile surgery.

Most types of extender devices available in the market are very similar in shape and size, and they consist of the following main parts:

  1. A ring-shaped solid plastic base that holds two rods on its sides.
  2. Two rods (usually made of stainless steel) with adjustable length.
  3. A cradle that is attached to the end of the two supporting rods.
  4. A silicone strap (band) that is fastened on the cradle.
  5. A traction control mechanism to adjust the amount of force applied.

The one feature that sets apart good penis extenders from bad ones is the comfortability of the product. To that end, manufacturers try to be innovative with their product’s fastener strap to distinguish it from the competitors.

The most basic devices include a silicone nose/tube, while more advanced ones offer better quality straps carefully designed for maximum comfort and reliability. Some brands offer additional accessories for improved convenience, better grip and increased efficiency.

Tip: When shopping for an extender, choose one that offers more than one type of fastening mechanism with additional comfort padding. Avoid products that are only equipped with a tubular rubber strap as these tend to be the least comfortable and more likely to be dangerous.


What Are Penis Extenders Used For?

There are two major uses of penis stretchers;

  1. Stimulating penile growth, especially elongating the penis. Increase in penis girth is also a possible outcome. The medical community still don’t have a conclusive answer to whether extenders can yield permanent augmentation in penile size or not, and they accentuate the need for additional trials and analysis of this technique. Nevertheless, millions of men from across the world have purchased and used extenders for the purpose of long-term enlargement, and while the success rate and gains were not mostly exceptional many consumers were quite satisfied with what they achieved.
  2. Straightening a curved penis. Men suffering from a bent penis due to Peyronie’s disease may remarkably benefit from extenders to improve their penile curvature. Penile traction therapy has been proven effective for Peyronie’s patients and many urologists worldwide have recognized the importance of these devices as a first-line treatment when dealing with the problem.

Fact: Penis extenders are not an approved treatment for any health condition. Many men use them to stimulate penile growth and/or reduce curvature, however, the FDA has not approved any external device for these purposes.


How Do Penis Extenders Work and What is the Science Behind Them?

Penis Extenders Promote Cell Division and Development (Mitosis)The scientifically-backed principle of stretching body parts has been successfully implemented not only in modern-day plastic surgery procedures, but also in tribal traditions where members use simple stretching mechanisms to enlarge certain body parts like the neck, ears and lips.

Penile tissue, like any other tissue in the human body, is made up of cells. When the penis is subjected to an external constant traction force the body’s natural response will be to adapt and relieve the tension. This is done by generating new cells in penile tissue causing it to grow permanently.

But, won’t stretching my penis this way make it thinner? Well, some manufacturers claim the opposite! They argue that cell division and tissue growth will be multidimensional causing the penis to naturally enlarge in both length and girth. Most systems also recommend stretching the penis in multiple directions and/or following an included penis exercise routine to increase girth.

Fact: Enlargement of body parts by means of constant stretching is employed today in some plastic surgeries. Whether it works to enlarge the penis and its internal anatomy or not remains a debatable issue among experts.

When Buying an Penis Extender or Stretcher Follow These Guidelines

penis extender device

Ensure that the Penis Extender comes with all the essential parts needed for safe penile enlargement

When you are shopping for a penis extender, it is best to seek one with different rod lengths. This is important because it will also have a length that still suits your flaccid length. Additionally, this is also a very important consideration because as you consistently grow from the penile enlargement exercises, you are able to add extra length. Also go for a penis extender that allows you to order for any additional replacement parts. Before buying it look closely at what comes with it. Think of additions such as comfort cushions, extra nooses, pads and straps or any other replacement parts.

Research extensively on how you fasten into the extender before you buy it

This is a critical consideration that every man must keep in mind when in the quest for a perfect penile extender. Ask yourself how you will fasten without or with foreskin when choosing the extender that helps you boost sexual performance. There are some extenders in the market which use a strap that measures around an inch wide, which is then fastened just behind the glans.  Comfort is key so research on which extender facilitates comfort.

go for a penis extender that allows you to order for any additional replacement parts

Does the Penis Extender you need to buy come with instructions

A great manufacturer takes the prerogative to provide step by step detailed instructions on how the penis extender should be used. Additionally a manufacturer who is confident in their product will provide contact information so that you can seek clarification anytime you are having difficulty understanding how to use the penis extender. Does the Penile extender come with PDF files, CD with a set of instructions, o help ensure a user is able to use the device appropriately and safely. With a set of instructions you are able to use the device without any trouble or worry that you may be doing something wrong.

Ensure that the penis extender you consider buying adjusts for proper fit

Regretfully for a buyer, this information is quite difficult to decipher from most penis extender websites I went through in my research. Nonetheless this is still an important factor to take into consideration. Typically speaking, as a user fastens into an penile extender and adjusts it so that pull force or tension is placed on the penis. This stretching process is what facilitates penile enlargement. The important question is how much pull should you use?

Go for a penis extender that has calibrated lines and springs inscribed, this are helpful as they indicate the force that you are using to apply the stretch. Keep in mind that as you continue with your penile enlargement exercise you will need to build up and adapt.

Does it come with a money back guarantee?


Money back guarantee is an important consideration. In fact as a general rule of thumb never buy any male enhancement devices that do not come with money back guarantees. Aside from being convenient for you, the money back guarantee is also a demonstration of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

Can Penis Extenders Increase Girth?

Can penis extenders increase girth?

One of the most reliable ways to enlarge your penis without medication and surgery is through the use of a penis extender. This is a simple device that stimulates tissue production because of consistent pressure of hard and long erections.

These extenders apply longitudinal force on the penis causing it to increase the girth and length. In fact numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proved that penis extenders can actually increase the length of the penis by 30% in just 3 to 6 months. This kind of growth is what every man dealing with sexually related problems desires:

  • Clearly penis extenders can increases length, the most common questions most men ask is can penis extenders increase girth?

To answer this question we must first understand the idea behind the usefulness of penis extenders. Extenders are based on the fact that subjecting any part of the body to stress consistently will cause it to adjust in size. Although penis extenders are a relatively new idea, they use a concept that has been in use for thousands of years. An example of this concept in action is when an athlete develops stronger lungs and bigger muscles without necessarily going to the gym or working out. Since they run often their body is under constant stress and the tissues adjust in size in response to this. The penis also adjusts in size when it is subjected to tensile stress consistently (a certain number of hours daily).

According to reliable studies, what are the gains in size?

Manufacturers of different penile extender brands make very different claims when it comes to permanent size increment. The claims may be true since there are many factors that affect the size increment. This means that a better basis is academic studies, based on such studies most of the participants gained about an inch after using penis extenders for 4 hours for half a year.

What about penis girth?


According to most studies both academic and clinical, there have not been any significant gains in girth even after using penis extenders consistently  for long periods of time.

Top 3 Best Penis Extenders

There are many brands of penis extenders available for purchase online and pretty much all of them claim to be the best. Basically, all extenders use the same technology with varying quality and comfortability. Deciding which one to buy should be based on how comfortable and firm it wears, quality of the used material, durability of the device and credibility of the manufacturer.

With that in mind, the following are 3 of the finest extenders that have helped many men feel more secure about their penis size by gaining that bit of extra length they’ve always wished for.

The following are my brief reviews of three of the best penis enlargement devices in the market today. Further below you can also find many questions and answers explaining all the details about penis extenders.

1. PeniMaster Pro

PeniMaster Pro Rod Penis ExpanderVisit Official PeniMaster Pro Website and Online Store

Read Review

  • Maker & Seller: MSP Concept GmbH & Co. KG (Germany).
  • Price: The rod expander costs $277, and the complete set costs $322.
  • My Review: The PeniMaster Pro is in my opinion the best penis elongation device on the market. It is a quality, medical-grade device that uses a unique traction technology by implementing a suction ball to pull the penis instead of the typical rubber strap most other devices use.It is the most comfortable penis extender to wear, and once you learn how to wear it properly (it will take a few tries), you will forget it’s even there. This product is well-documented and you can find tons of articles, instructional graphs and videos on how to assemble and use it available at the official website. The instructions manual explains everything, unlike other products that don’t even have a manual.I’d recommend getting the complete set, which also includes a belt system as an alternative way to wear the tool. The complete system allows you to stretch your penis is all directions (vertically using the rod extender, and horizontally using the belt system), which can improve gains.

2. X4 Labs Extender

X4 Labs ExtenderVisit Official X4 Labs Website and Online Store
  • Maker & Seller: X4 Labs Inc. (Canada).
  • Price: From $79 (deluxe edition) to $239 (gold luxury edition).
  • My Review: The X4 Labs brand offers a wide range of extenders for enlarging the penis and straightening penile curvature. It is distinguished from other devices by its unique hybrid support system which allows you to mount a combination of two fasteners for extra support of your shaft, more traction power, and more comfort.I give another thumbs up to the X4 extender for its selection of three different fasteners; rubber comfort straps, silicone tubes, and Velcro straps. You’ll also receive several memory foam pads which provide additional comfort and safety and reduce slippage.X4 Labs offers several packages with different accessories and plenty of spare parts. As for quality, the X4 extender isn’t exactly a top-notch product, but it is a good device that gets the job done and will last for years if you take care of it.

3. SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Penis Extender DeviceVisit Official SizeGenetics Website and Online Store
  • Maker & Seller: DanaMedic ApS (Denmark).
  • Price: The basic device costs $199, and the ultimate system costs $398.
  • My Review: SizeGenetics is a well-known penis extender brand that has been in the market for more than a decade. It has undergone many design improvements, and it’s particularly known for its innovative comfort system. SizeGenetics is a strap traction device that comes with different comfort plasters/pads intended to prevent the device from slipping and make it as comfortable as possible to wear for long hours.On the downside, SizeGenetics is one of the most expensive penis extenders in the market and it doesn’t offer much to justify its high price tag. Quality is average at best, but thanks to its popularity, the company can afford to sell this product at a steep price and still hold a considerable share of the market. A lot of users feel that SG is overpriced, and I agree with them!Overall, SizeGenetics is a good extender, but there are many other devices of a lower price and better quality.

What Are the Achievable Results With These Extenders?

The generally expected results seem to vary from one manufacturer to another. With some promising an increase in penile length of 1 inch up to claims of a 3 inch increase following regular use for at least six months. Some products also make claims of increased thickness of around 0.5 inch but this is usually brought about by following an accompanying penis exercise program.

In reality, results will be different from one man to another based on many physical and biological attributes, as well as lifestyle factors. No one can guarantee you a certain result and the only way to find out how well it will work for you is to give it a try yourself.

Fact: Results in real world will differ from one individual to another. Do not trust any product that promises you a definite result within a definite time frame as this is more likely to be a sham.


FAQ About Extenders

Different Types of Penis Extenders And How Each One Works


Statistics estimate that more than 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from sexually related problems that can be solved. One of the most reliable ways to deal with penile enlargement is through using extenders. An extender is simply a device that helps to stimulate tissue production because of consistent pressure of hard and long erections.

more than 50% of men over the age of 50 suffer from sexually related problems that can be solved

These extenders apply longitudinal force on the penis causing it to increase the girth and length. In fact numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proved that penis extender can actually increase the size of the penis by 30% in just 3 to 6 months. This kind o growth is what every man dealing with sexually related problems:

Here is how they work….

Penis extenders work by simply using what is known as the traction principle. According to the traction principle keeping the penis in a stretched position will trigger what is known as hyperplasia meaning the stretched body part will tend to remain in the stretched position. When Hyperplasia takes place the cells in the penis split and then duplicate and this substantially increases the amount of penis tissue cells. The end result when an extender is used is indisputable because there are permanent size gains causing increased tissue mass.

Types of Penis Extenders

Rod based extenders

Rod based extenders

This type of extender device typically consists of a spring system, rod and noose. There are certain rods and springs which are specifically installed only when a user wants to change the amount of force that one wants to apply on their penis. Using the rod based extender is pretty easy, all you have to do is slip the base of the glands under the noose and tighten the noose to clamp it down.

Pulling extenders

Pulling extenders

This type of extender features a part that helps to grip the top part of the penis so that traction force is created. The pulling extenders are preferred over the rod based extenders because they can conveniently be worn underneath pants without risking too much bulk.

The use of penis extenders to increase size is an ever contentious issue in the men’s health industry with many proponents and opponents. This is a comprehensive exploration of the subject where you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions, useful tips and reviews of top rated penile extender systems.

This article focuses on the true facts pertaining to the utilization, efficacy and safety of penis traction devices as a means of penis enlargement. This is not one of those promotional articles where you can find products that will ‘no doubt’ give you extra 3 inches. If your hopes have been raised too high by Internet advertisements of ‘miraculous’ enlargement devices, then this read could help bring your expectations down to earth.

You may not have the time or will to read the whole page in one session, so I’ve sectioned it under relevant subheadings for easier reading and reference. You can click on any of the links in the Contents list above to jump directly to the information that interests you. If you are only interested in the product offers then scroll all the way down the page or simply click the last link in the Contents list to get to my product reviews.

How to Use a Penis Extender Properly?

Each device will have specific user instructions and recommendations that you should follow for safe and effective use. The following are general guidelines that apply to most systems.

penis extender

Penis Extenders are quite easy to use and they have no detrimental side effects. There are two main types of penis extenders namely; Rod-based penis extenders and pulling stretching extenders.

Rod-based Penis Extender

Rod-based Penis Extender

There is how to use it:

  • It starts with ensuring that that your penis is ideally under 20% when it comes to harness. This means it should be more flaccid than erect.
  • Fit the hard base of the extender system gently at the base of your penis
  • Gently grip your glands and calmly fit them on the opposite end
  • As you gently hold your glands in position, slowly tighten the noose and clamp it on the shaft

Pulling stretching extender system

Pulling stretching extender system

  • Just like when dealing with the Rod-based extender system ensure that your penis is ideally under 20% when it comes to harness/erectness.
  • Pulling stretching extender system has a soft foam loop/. Simply fit it gently against your pelvis just around the base of the penis.
  • It is important to secure the top of your penis shaft into the gripping mechanism. Finally, gently hook the gripping mechanism exactly to the pulling belt

According to knowledgeable and experienced medical professionals in this field, a penis extender schedule should consist of a minimum of 3 hours daily and a maximum of 7 to 8 hours. 6 hours is ideal. If you are a beginner start gently by training yourself and knowing your limits so that you don’t do too much too soon and end up hurting your sexual life more.

It is better to use the extender for longer and apply a smaller amount of force than following the twenty minute daily stretching exercise session that essentially entails applying more force within a short period of time.

Here is s step by step extender routine that is not only convenient but also easy to integrate seamlessly into your daily routine

After researching widely and talking to men who use the penis extender, we have come with a routine that will definitely work for any man who wants to enlarge their penis without using pills or surgery;

  • Wear the extender in the morning when you start your day (let it be part of your morning routine just like brushing your teeth)
  • Commute to work while wearing the extender and keep it on until lunch time
  • During lunch break simply go to the washroom and remove the device for a short while as you take your lunch. This is also the best time to relieve yourself.
  • When you are done with your routine and are finally at home, take off the extender and relax. You are done with it until the next day!

Tip: Consult the included instructional user manual or DVD for specific information on how to use the gadget the right way.

BONUS TIP: This is a great routine even if you have a busy schedule since it does require too much effort and is easy to adhere to.


How Effective and Reliable Are Penis Extenders?

As said above, effectiveness and results will notable vary from one individual to another. Most users start noticing improvement in erect and flaccid size after a few weeks, but maximum gains may take at least six months to achieve.

When compared with other stretching techniques and tools, penis extenders excel in producing consistent results.


Tip: To maximize penis enlargement gains users are advised to regularly perform some manual stretching exercises and/or take a natural male enhancement supplement alongside. This is highly recommended if you are more specifically looking to increase your girth and hardness.


Are There Any Measures That Can Optimize and Speed Up the Growth Process?

You can increase the chance of obtaining bigger results by maintaining a healthy environment for your sex organ throughout the process and afterwards. These four steps can help:

Steps to Increase Growth

  1. Stay active: Day-to-day physical activity and exercise improves circulation in addition to the other innumerable benefits of an energetic lifestyle. Exercises that target the lower body improve blood flow to the genitals and this provides the penis with the proper nourishment it needs during the stimulated growth process.
  2. Try natural penis exercises: There are several manual exercises specifically devised to promote the growth of erectile tissue and expansion of the two main erectile bodies in the penis known as the corpora cavernosa. Penis exercises also support better circulation, which will consequently enhance your ability to sustain rigidity during erection. Some extender systems include a complementary professional exercise routine at no extra cost.
  3. Stop smoking: If you smoke then this might be the perfect occasion to rethink this harmful habit. It has been medically established that smoking causes damage to blood vessels, inhibits circulation and may cause penile shrinkage in the long run. If you have been adopting this practice for a long time then some of the damage done may not be reversible, but at least you have the choice to prevent any further worsening of the adverse effects and start to revamp your cardiovascular system.
    Quitting may be a hard decision to follow through with, but incentivize yourself by keeping in mind all the sexual rewards that can follow and how much money you will save for other useful stuff.
  4. Nourish your reproductive system: Your sex organs need to be supplied with plenty of nutrients to function well and regenerate. Keeping a nutrient-rich diet and taking male dietary supplements while using the traction therapy is advised to reinforce growth. In addition to that, male enhancement supplements can produce harder and larger erections by intensifying blood flow.

Tip: Maintaining a wholesome lifestyle and staying in shape can step up the benefits of the stretching treatment.


Are Penis Extenders Safe?

On the whole, penis extenders are safe for use at home without a doctor’s prescription. Each product should be packed with its relevant user guide and safety instructions that must be followed for safe and appropriate usage. The following are some general precautions that users should be advised of when using an extender device at home.

  1. Only wear the device on your flaccid penis, in case you get an erection while the device is strapped on you may need to release it and strap it back on after the erection is gone.
  2. Use the device as instructed. Overuse will not speed up the process and may cause permanent penile injury.
  3. Stop using the device if you experience any significant pain, soreness or discernible abnormality in the penis, and seek prompt medical attention if it subsists.
  4. Avoid wearing the extender while sleeping to ward off the possibility of insensible injury.
  5. If you have pubic hair it may get caught in certain parts and pulled out causing twinges. The best advice is to trim the pubic hair. It’s not so healthy or pleasant anyway.
  6. Avoid tightening the fastener too firmly as this may block blood flow to the glans. Also avoid applying the fastener directly on bare skin and make sure to place an in-between cushioning material for extra comfort and smooth blood flow.
  7. If you experience any numbness in the shaft or glans this may be an early warning sign of nerve damage. In this case, you need to remove the device immediately and sort out what may be causing the problem, like very tight fastener, too much traction, wrong setting, etc.
  8. Make sure that the scrotum and testicles are hanging freely and comfortably outside the base of the extender.
  9. Keep away from violent physical activity, especially that involving the lower body, while wearing the device to keep it from slipping off or causing injury.
  10. Consult the user manual for directions on how to correctly assemble and mount the extender.
  11. The assembled device should feel smooth and have no sharp or pointy edges that may cause injury to the skin.

In rare cases, penis extenders may pose some dangers. The following table shows the possible risks, their causes and suggested solutions.

Possible Causes Solution
Nerve Damage Overmuch traction force, overuse. Adhere to instructions and schedule.
Blocked Blood Flow Fastened too tight, improper placement. Refer to instructions of use.
Superficial/Internal Injury Wrong use, device displacement, strenuous movement. Wear the device as instructed and when laid-back.
Allergic Reaction Inferior commercial materials, individual allergy cases. Choose quality medical grade equipment. Avoid materials you may be allergic to.


Tip: Misuse and overuse can lead to serious damage to the internal structure of your phallus and its ability to function. Read and follow safety instructions carefully, and stop using the device at-once if you experience apparent pain, numbness, discoloration or any other anomaly in the penis. Consult a health care professional in severe cases.


How to Avoid the Scams and Bad Products?

In addition to common sense, here are some tips that should help you separate the wheat from the chaff and choose a legitimate product.

Penis Extender Scam Warnings

  1. Steer clear of any company that ‘guarantees’ certain results, like 3 inches in 6 months. Results will vary individually and no truthful manufacturer should guarantee a specific, fixed result as far as size growth is concerned.
  2. Professional, honest merchants should provide full contact details including a physical address and a phone number. Do not buy from an online store that does not provide full contact details.
  3. Cheap penis extenders are mostly of low-quality gear and inferior performance. Poor customer service also often goes along with low-price deals. You don’t want to get cheap and put your most valuable asset as a man in the line of danger, do you?
  4. The better penis extenders are priced upwards of $100 depending on what the package includes, which is quite affordable for a one-time investment. These usually offer durable apparatus, extra spare parts, professional customer care and other goodies.
  5. Don’t take a shot in the dark! Before you make up your mind, search the Internet for unbiased real user feedback and opinions on the specific item or company in question.

Tip: Use your sound judgment and do not fall for tall promises. A rip-off will tell you whatever pleases you and guarantee you anything. Be alert and carefully read the guarantee terms and refund policy before placing an order.


Where Can I Find ‘Before and After’ Photos Showing Real Results?

Everywhere and nowhere! Review websites are full of picture ‘proofs’ showing remarkable ‘gains’ in length and girth, but to tell the truth and shame the devil, almost all photos of penis enlargement results circling the Internet are bogus in one way or the other! Many before/after photos are brazenly falsified, while others are carefully crafted that they may even hoodwink a trained eye. These are some of the common photo tricks employed to make the penis appear like it has grown.

‘Before and After’ Photos Can Be Easily Faked

  1. A quick zoom-in shot is the easiest way to make a penis ‘bigger’.
  2. Comparing measurements of a semi-erect penis to those of a fully erect state would indeed show a significant difference.
  3. Comparing different measurements in flaccid state is even trickier, since the flaccid penis naturally shrinks and dilates in different times while influenced by numerous environmental and biological factors.
  4. Other deceptive tactics include shooting the photos from different angles, inconsistent positioning of the measuring tape, and others.

Most of the photos I could find online documenting the ‘growth progress’ seem to be created by amateurs in hopes of cashing in on them, be it by selling them to merchants or by publishing them in their own ‘unbiased’ testimonials from which they generate referral commissions. They often come with false or exaggerated arguments and guarantees.

Q. So, are you saying that all those dick enlargement devices are just refined crap that doesn’t work?

A. LOL, not quite so! There is reasonable evidence backed by real success stories proving that extenders do work. Some of the stories and photographs shared online may be genuine, but again the vast majority of them are not.

Unfortunately, I do not have any personal photos showing a 2- or 3-inch increment, nor do I promise you that you will get such a result by using any of the products featured on this website. The truth is you are not likely to gain more than an inch in erect length after several months of use, on the average. Even though it is possible to rack up an extra 2 or more inches as some manufacturers claim, this is not the norm and it may only occur under rare circumstances. But even a small improvement would be fairly satisfactory to most men. You can check out the PEGym forums where many real users of extender devices share their experience and progress documentation.

Fact: Normally, results gained by using an extender device are not massive and may not be easily demonstrable or noticeable to others in photos. Most photos of enlargement results found online are manipulated and should not be the basis of your decision.


Are There Any Authoritative/Scientific Sources That Support the Claims?

There have been several clinical trials aimed at evaluating the efficacy of penile stretching therapy using an external extender device. Results were mostly positive with reported improvement in penile length, thickness, function and curvature angle. Such trials commonly involve participants with below-average penis size (short penis) and/or Peyronie’s disease (curved phallus). Results were not uniform suggesting that effectiveness depends on individual compliance.

Most of the available studies seem to be sponsored by the creator of the device used in the tests, but there is also disinterested medical literature that backs up some of the propositions behind non-invasive penile extension. The following are a few snippets of medical study findings from reliable online sources. Check the listed reference links for further reading.

Study Snippet: Penile Traction Therapy for Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease: A Single-Center Pilot Study

  • Research: Levine, L. A., Newell, M. and Taylor, F. L. (2008), Penile Traction Therapy for Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease: A Single-Center Pilot Study.
  • Author: Department of Urology, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, IL, USA.
  • Published in: Journal of Sexual Medicine.
  • Reference: Wiley Online Library

Study Snippet: Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?

  • Study: Oderda, M. and Gontero, P. (2011), Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?
  • Author: University of Turin, Molinette Hospital, Turin, Italy.
  • Published in: BJU (British Journal of Urology) International.
  • Reference: Wiley Online Library

Study Snippet: A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’

  • Study: Gontero, P., Di Marco, M., Giubilei, G., Bartoletti, R., Pappagallo, G., Tizzani, A. and Mondaini, N. (2009), A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’.
  • Author: University of Turin, Molinette Hospital, Turin, Italy.
  • Published in: BJU International.
  • Reference: Wiley Online Library

How Do Penis Extenders Compare to Other Male Enhancement Methods?

This comparison chart sheds light on the key similarities and differences of the four natural techniques men can take advantage of in order to improve their sexual performance, namely extenderspumpsexercises and pills.

Extenders Pumps Exercises Pills
Stimulates penile growth? Yes, incomparably. Yes, very slightly. Yes, somewhat. No.
Increases length? Yes, by up to 30%. Results vary depending on several individual particularities of each user. Yes, but not significantly. Mostly, noticeable improvement can be gained by persistently following a regular routine. Possibly, boosted circulation allows the erect penis to bulge to its ultimate length.
Increases girth? Possibly, in some cases there was an improvement in girth, but mostly it remained unchanged. Yes, not significantly. Yes, certain exercises can be used to promote a wider penis but not by far. Mostly, caused by better engorgement.
Improves circulation? Yes, minimally. Yes, forcibly. Yes, noticeably. Yes, superbly.
Improves libido & stamina? Possibly, but should not be expected. Possibly. Possibly. Yes, often dramatically.
Does it work for everyone? Most users will experience positive results after continued use. End results will vary subjectively and may range from minimal to very impressive, but usually pleasing enough. Works better for men with weak erections to begin with. Nothing jaw-dropping should be expected. Seems to be worthwhile for most men who are devoted and patient enough. All users should bring in benefits. Very marked results are produced in men with less-than-optimal size and performance.
Are results permanent? Yes, long lasting results follow extended use. No, temporary. Yes, but take a long time to build up. No, they last as long as the supplement is being taken. Some permanent benefits can be scored.
Is it safe? Yes, when used properly. Yes, but misuse and overuse may lead to serious risks. Yes, when performed correctly. Yes, no substantial side effects have been reported.
Is it effective? Yes, on a large scale. Yes, in most cases. Yes, on average. Yes, highly.
Is it scientifically backed? Yes, several clinical trials affirmed positive results. No data available. No data available. Yes, many doctors and herbalists advocate herbal supplementation for healthier and enjoyable sex life.
Is it costly? Prices are within reason and primarily affected by material quality. Same as previous. This is the cheapest option with many programs and guides available online free of charge. Prices are generally acceptable.


Tip: Penis extenders are the only evidence-based technique for permanent penile elongation. Using a combination of stretching device, exercises and supplements is a common practice by men looking to achieve the best possible results.


Does using a Penis Extender Hurt?


While an increase in size of the penis is the desire of every man, the last thing anyone wants is a device that is painful to use. For most men, the pain is not worth the gain. In fact according psychologists exposing your penis to continuous pain will lead to low stamina and reduced desire to have sex. This is because your penis is for reproductions and pleasure when consistently exposed to pain, the brain naturally associates anything affiliated with the penis including to pain. Here is what you need to know about pain when it comes to using penis extenders:#

  1. The risk of pinching

Yes, pinching from a penis extender is exactly as it sounds. There are parts of this device that will pinch the skin causing discomfort, irritation and even pain in extreme cases. To be absolutely honest, the pinching does not happen when the device is functionally perfect. It typically happens when the device is used incorrectly. Since most penis extenders are excellently designed and a tad bit complicated, it will take some time to learn how to put them on right.



When used correctly (as instructed by the manufacturer you will not experience any pinching). If you experience any pinching it is better to discontinue use until you figure out the issue and resolve it. As said earlier the gain is definitely not worth all the pain!

  1. Another source of pain when using penis extenders is overstretching

The human body deals with stretching and stress by readjusting tissue growth, however; when you overdo it, the result is pain. The tip of penis needs to remain pliant and nice even when wearing an extender so that the penis can grow, expand and adapt. This is because if you place too much pressure on the tip, it will harden and this will stunt your growth and hinder any progress you want to make when it comes to length.



To avoid pain and any harm to your penis, it is advisable to user the penis for just 4-6 hours daily and don’t crank up the force past the maximum setting. Unlike exercise where more pain means more gain, penile tissues are not like muscles. Penile muscles are smooth muscle tissues and their growth is only stimulated by low-intensity long time period.

  1. Another potential source of pain and penis damage is cutting of the normal blood flow

Similar to pinching, this will only happen when the device is used incorrectly. Additionally, it also happens when a device is poorly designed. Modern penis extenders feature an ‘anchoring mechanism’ which holds the tip of the penis shaft in place. Regardless of the design this feature is a must because they help to hold the penis in stretched position where blood flow is not interrupted.

Modern penis extenders feature an ‘anchoring mechanism’ which holds the tip of the penis shaft in place

The mistake most people make is latching onto the penis too tightly. This cut off the normal blood supply to the penis. While some guys will experience pain within a few minutes others will start feeling the pain after a few hours.

  • There is only RULE when it comes Penis Extenders

Strictly adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer

 If you experience any sharp, acute pain then you are definitely doing something wrong. Take off the deice immediately and try

 Never tough it out thinking you will gain more in the long term, you are just harming yourself psychologically and physically

 Any sharp pain when wearing the extender is not normal and should never be tolerated

What type of sensation should I be feeling when wearing a penis extender?

Instead of a sharp or pinching pain what you should expect to feel when using a penis extender is a starching sensation. The starching sensation is an indication that your penile tissues are actively expanding. Although it is not the most comfortable feeling, it is not painful and is quite similar to stretching the calf muscles of your leg.

Just remember NO SHARP, PINCHING PAIN, just slight and manageable tugging at the penis. 

Thoughts on this question: There is no doubt that if you follow all the recommendations in this article wearing a penis extender will be a harmless and beneficial experience for you.

10 Facts About Penis Extenders

Fact 1: Only Clinically Proven Natural Enlargement Method

Traction devices are the only non-invasive penile elongation technique that has been tested and proven effective in clinical trials. The principle is simple; stimulating permanent growth in penile length by applying contact external traction force on the penis over an extended period of time. The organ will naturally adapt to the exerted force and grow by generating new cells and tissue.

The following are a couple of snippets that summarize the findings of two clinical studies aimed at evaluating the efficacy of penis extenders. Check the reference links for more details.

Study: 2011; Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?

Study: 2009; A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of 'short penis'

Fact 2: Three Theories on How They Work

There are three theories that explain how penis extenders may cause penile enlargement. However, there is no clinical data to tell which of them is correct, if any.

The first one says that the constant tension force will cause micro-tears in penile tissue, which triggers the natural healing process by cell regeneration and multiplication. Thus penile tissue grows under the stimulation.

The second theory suggests that pulling force will increase spaces between erectile tissue inside the two erectile chambers of the penis called corpora cavernosa. This will allow the penis to hold more blood during arousal and thus it becomes larger.

The third theory is that you can increase your visible penis size by stretching out the root of the shaft. There is a significant portion of penile length that extends inside the body, and the traction force may help you bring out some of that hidden length.

Fact 3: Results Vary

Claimed results differ from one brand to another with some promising an increase of up to 33% in length and less than an inch in girth. But what has been shown in clinical studies and personal experiences is that results vary from one user to another based on individual compliance. Certain factors like age, diet and lifestyle may also affect the process.

Please note that manufacturers highlight the maximum results that may be possible to get in rare cases. However, typical results are usually significantly smaller, so don’t have your hopes high for 3 inches bigger! An achievable gain should normally be around 1 inch growth in length. Girth should not be expected to increase.

Fact 4: Not a Quick or Easy Solution

You will have to wear the extender almost every day for at least a few months before you start noticing any enlargement. The system should come with a routine that you will have to stick to, but the common recommendation is that you wear it for at least 6 hours on a daily basis for 6 months or more.

The device is small and flexible so it can be easily hidden under your clothes and no one will even notice it. It will be a slow process but if you are determined to make it work you need to be very patient.

Fact 5: Better Results When Combined with Exercises

The extender can make your dick longer, but if you want it thicker as well you can use manual penis exercises along the way. With exercises you can promote circulation and stretch your penis in different directions to stimulate multi-dimensional growth. Most traction systems recommend following an exercise routine so you will be able to gain size in both length and circumference.

Fact 6: Comfortability is Key to Success

Since you’ll be wearing the device for several hours a day it’s important that it fits firmly and comfortably. Good devices come with a decent strap, protective pad/foam, cohesive gauze and other accessories that help the device fit securely, safely and snugly. You may also consider using a vacuum based stretcher, which can be more comfortable and less risky to wear for long hours.

Fact 7: Used by Surgeons for Penile Traction Therapy (PTT)

Penile traction therapy is utilized by surgeons to promote penile elongation and prevent shrinkage in some patients who have undergone penile surgery. Extenders have been prescribed by doctors for this purpose.

Although some doctors have suggested traction devices as an alternative to enlargement surgery, it remains an experimental approach with no approval by the FDA or the mainstream medical community, awaiting more conclusive studies of efficacy and safety.

Fact 8: May Help Men with Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Penis)

Another use of penis extenders is straightening penile curvature. They may help men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease correct the bend in their shaft. They are worth considering before resorting to surgical treatments of this condition.

Fact 9: Wrong Use Can Cause Injury

If you get overzealous and think that you will achieve faster results by wearing the extender for longer than instructed or applying a greater traction force, you may end up with a serious injury instead.

The device should be used as per provided instructions and safety precautions. If you experience any remarkable pain, numbness or change in skin color then you are doing something wrong and you must remove the device until you figure out the right and safe way to wear it.

Fact 10: Innovated by a Danish Company

Almost all penis extenders in the market today are based on the original technology and design developed and patented in 1995 by Denmark-based DanaMedic ApS. This is the company behind the well-known Jes Extender brand featured below.


Do You Really Need a Bigger Dick?

Not Sure if You Need a Bigger Penis?There have always been heated debates about the ideal size for the male penis and whether it actually matters to women or not. So, to make a long story short, if your erect penis measures 6 inches or more you don’t really need to make it any longer as that will be enough to qualify you as above-average almost anywhere in the world.

Obsessive insecurity about size is mostly a psychological ‘shortness’ that you can either endlessly run after or overcome by realizing that happiness in the bedroom is not all about how big your schlong is.

Tip: You do not need to use a penis extender if your erect length is 6 inches or above. You may want to consider taking a natural penis enhancement pill instead to achieve increased blood flow, thickness, hardness, sex drive and energy.