Tips on How to Use Penis Extender Devices Safely

Penis extenders are effective and safe to use Men equate their penis size to their confidence. A man with a small penis tends to have little confidence in themselves. A man with a large penis tends to have a lot of confidence in themselves. How do you rank yourself? Do you have a lot of confidence in yourself or do you have a little confidence in yourself? Is your penis big or small?

If you’re a man who wasn’t blessed with a large, meaty penis, you might be wondering if there’s something you can do about it. Well, you’ll be glad to know that there are many things that will help you to gain length and girth significantly. However, if you want to see results very quickly instead of waiting, then you should consider using penis extender devices.

A Look at Penis Extender Devices: The History Behind the Male Boosting Devices

Penis extender devices (also known by three other names: penis enlarger devices, penis stretchers or penis traction devices) are, for the most part, new to the market. However, they weren’t always a stand-alone product. Rather, they were used in conjunction with plastic surgery, helping bones to grow. They were also used as a post-operative treatment for penile surgeries to assist in the battle against penis retraction and keep scar tissues from forming. Penis extender devices tremendously helped boost the surgery’s efficacy.

But, here’s the funny part about penis extender devices and the results you get: when the devices are used without the combination of surgery, penis enlargement results are much greater.

Penis Extender Devices: How Do They Work To Give You Gains

The idea behind penis extender devices is to use the body’s natural ability to acclimate itself under pressure. And, they work by putting constant and controlled traction force on the shaft of the penis. This causes the cells to divide and multiply, as the penile tissues are placed under stressed, which will result in them naturally rebuilding themselves. Thus, the end result is an increase in both length and girth.

How Do You Use Penis Extender Devices?

If you have chosen to use penis extenders to help enlarge your penis, it would be a wise idea to learn how to use them properly to get the best results and without causing you any undue damage.

  1. Ensure you have a semi-erect penis and that it’s dry.
  2. Place your penis through the device’s plastic ring at the base.
  3. Strap on the comfort pad to the device and pull down the loop carefully until your penis head is secured.
  4. Modify the device’s traction level to increase or decrease the tension as required.
  5. Place the extender at the end of your penis. Once done, adjust the brace to stretch your penis.

Several Important Safety Tips to Remember When You’re Using a Penis Extender Device

There are several safety tips you should keep in mind if you plan on using the penis extender device. Applying these tips will help to reduce injuries and/or accidents.

  1. Choose a strap that’s comfortable for you, as you don’t want to be in pain as you wear the device.
  2. Make sure straps are loose but still somewhat tight so your penis won’t slide out of it. The tension from the rods might give the penis some discomfort but it shouldn’t be excruciating.
  3. Don’t wear the device for more than four hours at the start. Once you are used to it, it can be worn up to six hours. Have a one to two hour break between uses.
  4. Don’t use the extender at night because it can cause accidental injury when it becomes entangled with the blankets. Make sure it’s daytime use only and with vigilant supervision.
  5. Take one day off every week to get the most from the device. It also helps to heal the penis quicker.
  6. Consider using a multivitamin and quit all addictions to get rapid gains. Penis enlargement pills provide essential vitamins and minerals that quicken the process.
  7. Apply Vitamin E oil and massage your penis after you’re done using the device.
  8. Wear loose fitting clothing if you must wear pants.

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