Penile enlargement surgery at a glance

Sexual satisfaction and the ability to satisfy your partner completely is the desire of every man. Lacking in length makes it difficult and in some cases almost impossible to have a good and healthy sex life. While pills, extenders and pumps can be effective, they take time and the results are rarely permanent. This is why most men decide to opt for penile enlargement surgery that guarantees permanent results.

  • So what is penile enlargement surgery and what does it entail? In this article we answer your most burning questions

Penile enlargement surgery just as the name suggests is medical procedure that cosmetically enhances the lengthy and girth of your penis. It is has become extremely popular now that doctors have come up with techniques to make it safer and more effective. If the operation is successful the results are permanent. Let’s look at what this delicate procedure entails

 To lengthen the penis, a ligament is cut inside the pubis

Enlarging the penis involves increasing both the length and sometimes the girth though all most men care about is the length. Lengthening is achieved by cutting a ligament that located inside the pubis. It is this ligament that holds the penis in particular angle. When the ligament is cut, the penis will drop out in another angle and this is what makes it appear and feel longer. Knowledgeable and experienced urologists agree that that though it may seem and appear longer. It is actually not and this makes penile enlargement surgery largely cosmetic. Which makes many men wonder, is it really worth it?

Girth is increased using the patient’s own fat

PRP (Penile-rich plasma) which is commonly used in facial rejuvenation can now be used to increase penile girth. Through this method blood is taken from a patient, the plasma in that blood is enriched using growth factors which are extracted then mixed with fats that are harvested from the patients stomach and legs. Funny, thinking that part of your stomach or legs will be in your penis huh!


Penile enlargement surgery takes 45 minutes to an hour

Lengthening will take a maximum of one hour if there are no complications. While some patients choose to do the girth increment and lengthening in the same procedure, most doctors advise against it. Individually the lengthening will take an hour while increasing the girth will take 45 minutes after the fat has been harvested.

After surgery doctors typically recommended staying off the sac for at least 8 weeks so that the penis has adequate time to recover. This is also enough time for a man to recuperate mentally and emotionally. The last thing you want is to psychologically associate sex with pain. If this happens it does not matter the length or girth of your penis, sex will become an uphill task that you will barely enjoy.