2 Methods to Verify Authenticity of VigRX Plus & Detect Counterfeits

Worried that the VigRX Plus pills you bought online may be fake? Well, judging by the increasing number of user complaints and warnings about counterfeit VigRX Plus versions being pushed on the Internet, you should be worried about the originality of the product if you bought it from a store other than the official VigRX Plus website.

The following are two simple ways to verify whether your VigRX Plus package is real or fake.

Method 1: Use the Online Authenticity Check Tool

A while ago, the manufacturer of VigRX Plus started implementing an authenticity verification mechanism to combat the spread of counterfeits. Each box of VigRX Plus now has an authentic seal with a unique product verification number (see the photo below for an example).

VigRX Plus Box With Authenticity Verification Code

If you have bought VigRX Plus recently, then it must have a seal and a product number like the one shown in the picture, if it doesn’t then it’s probably fake.

Please note that counterfeit versions may also have a seal and a code, so you’ll still need to verify the code using the online tool on the official website, which will tell you if your package is genuine or not.

Method 2: Take a Look Inside the Pills

Another way to separate the real deal from the fake VigRX Plus is to split open one of the tablets and take a look at the ingredients inside.

Authentic pills contain a substance that is brownish in color (consists of herbal blend in addition to binder compound). On the other hand, fake pills are usually plain white on the inside (like sugar or starch).

What Are the Dangers of Fake VigRX Plus?

  1. It does not contain the listed herbal ingredients.
  2. It may contain undeclared prescription drugs, like Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis).
  3. It may contain other dangerous substances and fillers.
  4. It may not contain any active ingredients, i.e. a placebo.

How to Avoid Fake VigRX Plus?

My advice to you if you want to buy VigRX Plus is to order it from the official website. That’s the best place where you can get the real quality stuff.

VigRX Plus is not a cheap supplement — one box will cost you $76.99 (major discounts are offered with large orders). Avoid buying it from Amazon, eBay and other online stores that offer it for very low prices (half the price of less) since those have been confirmed to be counterfeit.

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