Warning About Cheap VigRX Plus Sold at Amazon and Other Stores

VigRX Plus is a dietary supplement for men that is made and sold by Leading Edge Health. It is one of the highly popular male enhancement pills that are heavily promoted online. But, popularity has its price, and one of the downsides that come with it in this industry is that it encourages fraudsters to make and sell counterfeits of such an in-demand product.

Indeed, many counterfeit lots of VigRX Plus are being sold at Amazon, eBay, and probably even at local stores in some countries. So, how can you make sure you get the real deal VigRX Plus and not some useless or harmful counterfeit?

VigRX Plus Pills Original Product Code

Tips for Buying Original VigRX Plus

  1. The best way to be 100% sure you get the authentic stuff is to order it from the official online store.
  2. Do not buy VigRX Plus on Amazon or eBay – especially if it is offered for very low prices! That’s where most counterfeit goods are sold.
  3. Avoid any free samples or free trial offers. Original VigRX Plus is only sold in a 60-tablet container (carton box).
  4. Do not buy the product if it does not have an authenticity badge and a verification code (like the one shown in the picture above).
  5. Once you receive the package, go to the official website and verify its authenticity using the code printed on each box. If it says counterfeit, do not open the boxes and return them to the seller if possible, otherwise, you’ve been ripped off!

Price of Original VigRX Plus

This is not a cheap multi-vitamin like the $10 ones you can purchase from your local CVS/GNC. VigRX Plus is an expensive brand supplement. The following list shows the price of different packages/quantities of VigRX Plus at the official store. Anywhere VigRX Plus is sold, it should be around these prices. If you see it advertised at half price, or so, then it’s most likely fake.

  • $76.99 for one box (60 tablets).
  • $143.99 for two boxes (120 tablets).
  • $205.99 for three boxes (180 tablets).
  • $267.99 for four boxes (240 tablets).
  • $329.99 for five boxes (300 tablets).
  • $384.99 for six boxes (360 tablets).
  • $489.99 for twelve boxes (720 tablets).

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  1. HL

    Very useful article thanks. There is a lot of counterfeit VigRX Plus out there, so good to warn people about the risks.


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