Stop! Don’t Buy Overrated VigRX Plus, it Won’t Make Your Willy Bigger!

VigRX Plus Container (60 Tablets)

Are you fishing around the web for the best male enhancement pill? If so, you have probably heard the name VigRX Plus on many review websites. There is a reason why VigRX Plus is widely rated the #1 supplement for male enhancement, and sadly it’s not because of its impressive results (more on this below). In case you were deluded by those overstated reviews of VigRX Plus, let me give you a dose of truth about it and the results that can actually be achieved.

VigRX Plus is Not a Manhood Growth Potion

It’s amazing how many customers fall for “penis enlargement pills” scams. VigRX Plus will certainly not make your penis grow, end of story. There is no natural supplement, drug, hormone, or snake oil that has been proven to stimulate growth in penile tissue.

If you are hoping to add a few inches to your penis size like many promoters of VigRX Plus promise, please STOP and don’t buy it. Otherwise, you may just throw your money away because that will pretty much give you the same result, minus the waste of time and disappointment!

So, Are You Saying That VigRX Plus is a Scam?

No, I didn’t say that! I said it will not increase your penis size. Actually, if you go to the official website of VigRX Plus you will not find any claims of penis enlargement. It is those false reviews that make such false claims, but why would they do that?

Well, because they are not really the unbiased consumer they may pose as! Most overly positive reviews, “unbelievable” success stories, and “socking” before and after pictures are created by affiliates of the company who receive generous commissions for the sales they refer. Unfortunately, many of those “reviewers” have no problem deceiving sexually insecure men with their “plausible” add-3-inches stories in order to make loads of easy cash.

The Real Results of VigRX Plus

As an herbal dietary supplement for male virility, VigRX Plus can provide the following benefits:

  • Increase in libido: This is the most noticeable result of the formula. Boosted sex drive should lead to stronger erections and increased pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Boosted circulation: Some herbs in VigRX Plus have been shown to improve blood flow. This can lead to a fuller, thicker and harder erection for men with poor circulation.
  • Increase in staying Power: VigRX Plus can enhance physical performance, energy and stamina. This can help you last longer in bed and shorten the recovery period.

Not Good, I Just Want to Increase My Size — Any Product That Works for That?

Well, in that case I’d suggest you consider the only non-surgical method that may help you increase your penis size in a permanent way, and that is penile traction therapy.

By using a penis extender device you can gain about an inch in length, and that is the best you can hope for as far as natural penis enlargement goes. If you’d like to learn more, see my article on penis extenders.

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