Try These Effective and Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

Many men run into a common problem at some point in their life: their sex life is diminishing due to low testosterone levels. Although it’s common for most men to experience a decrease in testosterone as they age, men of all ages have the potential of running into infertility issues. Feeling under pressure in the bedroom? Due to depression, drug/alcohol consumption and high levels of stress, any man is capable of low testosterone from time to time. Whether you are experiencing low testosterone yourself or your partner is, here are some effective, smart and best of all, natural strategies for boosting up your sex drive and regaining the intimacy you desire regardless of your stage of life.

Increase Muscle Mass

Many of us are looking for motivation to get to the gym, especially on those days when we barely have the time to make dinner for our family. If you want an excuse to get fit, try this one on for size: muscle building can actually increase your sex drive as well as make you look great. Bulk up your muscles through strength training (bicep curls, leg press, free weights, etc.) for an intensity-packed workout and your sex life will improve as well. Working out a couple of times a week can drastically improve the testosterone levels in your body and create high levels of satisfaction in your personal life.

Increase Zinc in Your Diet

Zinc may not be the first thing you’ll consider when trying to find a natural remedy for increased testosterone, but it should be. According to studies done with those who increased their zinc consumption, it produced more testosterone as well. Some easy alternatives to a zinc supplement include adding more turkey, chicken, oyster and red meat consumption to your diet.

Monitor Your Belly Weight

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to terminate a high-carb lifestyle and lose some of your belly weight, now is the perfect time (for the sake of your sex life!) There have been many studies done to show a correlation between excessive stomach weight and low testosterone levels. When belly fat reaches 30% over your ideal body weight, that’s when your testosterone levels can drop causing infertility, the inability to desire sex like you once did and other psychological problems as well. If you are overweight, consider a high protein, low-fat diet and observe changes in your desire to be intimate.

Stock Up on Peanuts

Men who enjoy peanuts and eat them on a regular basis also enjoy a vibrant sex life! If you aren’t doing so already, incorporate a diet rich with monounsaturated fats (found in peanuts and other variations of nuts) to create a surge in your stagnate sex life. If peanuts aren’t quite your thing, then spread some peanut butter on toast or get into the habit of cooking with olive oil for a noticeable perk in your testosterone.

Instead of getting into the habit of taking testosterone supplements, try one of the many natural remedies to increase your libido. Perform at the sexual level you desire by eating right, working out and monitoring any changes in your testosterone for a healthy and happy sex life.

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