Do Penis Enlargement Pills Work?




Did you know that close to 50% of men over 40 deal with penis related problems? This has made penis enlargement pills a popular and relied upon solution. . The sad truth is that there is no reliable evidence which proves that these pills work. Although most men take these pills, they have no idea that they don’t work and may actually have harmful side effects. The most asked questions when it comes to these pills include: can this pills cause pain or penis deformation? Do the results last long or go away after a short period of time. This article is a brief but detailed look at whether penis enlargement pills work

Do Penile enlargement pills really work?

To the best of our knowledge these pills do not work. There are no studies anywhere that  have ascertained the claim that penis enlargement pills are effective . We have researched widely by talking to knowledgeable and experienced experts, we have gone through numerous peer-reviewed journals, medical journals and studies but nothing so far.

do penis enlargment pills work

Although the manufacturers of pill enlargement pills claim that they work and are not harmful, no such pill has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The FDA only approves drugs after ascertaining that they are safe for human consumption and are also effective in functionality.  If no penis enlargement pills has been proven to be effective, it means that after extensive research and trials the FDA still doesn’t believe that these pills are effective or safe. In fact according to the FDA all penis enlargement pills are unsafe for human consumption and  do not work as effectively as the manufacturer claim.

If penile enlargement pills do not work and are not effective, why are they so widely marketed?

How come they are marketed so visibly although they don’t work? This is a question many men ask and have not received a satisfactory reply. The sad truth is that most manufacturers simply pry on the men’s concerns about their bodies and sexual health. The truth is that although marketed otherwise in reality most men are entirely within the normal range when it comes to penis size. Scientifically there is no ‘right length’. Each length small or big has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.


Have you watch any advertisement on enlargement pills? These ads are not only convincing but are at times backed by experts who are solely motivated by the idea of making profit. Additionally these adverts contain information that makes most men feel shorter than average when it comes to penis size. In fact most manufactures of this product have claimed that certain institutions conducted successful studies, and this has been debunked by the said organisations. In reality sexual satisfaction has nothing to do with genital size but more to do with the partner communicating and to each other what they desire in the bedroom.

The sad truth is that most manufacturers simply pry on the men’s concerns about their bodies and sexual health

Men suffering from sexual-related problems  often ask-how effective are penile enlargement pills? Here is the truth:

  • All these pills work by increasing blodflow to the penis hence ensuring harder and longer erectuions which in turn boosts sexual stamina and increases pleasure.
  • This is not completely safe, penis enlargement pills interrupt the normal blood flow which can cause pronlem with the heart and blood pressure. This will further worsen your health instead helping enlarge your penis.
  • Although not safe this method actually works because these pills make your penis accommodate more blood flow. This helps make the penis longer and thicker. Overtime this gives a longer and thicker penis.
  • If you must use them go through the ingredient list to understand how each ingredient works and wether it wioll have any negative side effects
  • Also check wether the ingredients specilayy aid in the sexual condition that you are dealing with.


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