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Robert Greene Penile Guider Editor
Robert Greene Penile Guider Editor

Ever since I started this website in 2010 the big question was finding a supplement that helps in growing the penis size, stronger erections and overall health has loomed….

But today folks thats day has arrived, the supplement is here!

Sexual health and related issues like penis size affects millions of men across the world. However, many individuals still find it difficult to discuss those problems with their doctors or companions, mostly due to insecurities that are related to perceived virility or masculinity.

That being said, there are several remedies and treatment programs for male sexual endowment problems. One of these remedies is Activatrol. This supplement contains minerals and vitamins that will increase penis size, have long-lasting erections as well as having a surge in sexual energy and drive.Several reasons can provoke an anxiety for sexual performance. Sex should be enjoyable between the partners involved as it goes beyond just physical pleasure.

Among all reasons for this anxiety, we would enlist some of them in this article and then introduce Activatrol as it can counter the major sexual performance problems.

But first, the various reasons and what Activatrol helps with below:

• Fear of penis size: For some partners, penis size is important for maximum sexual pleasure while this is a different case for others. This is and has always been a major reason for a pressured anxiety of sexual performance. However, if you have a small penis as a man, there is every chance that you begin to doubt if you can sexually satisfy your partner. There are already methods to combat penis size frenzy and Activatrol has vitamins and minerals that will ensure increase in penis size while at the same time preventing one from having a flaccid penis during sexual intercourse.

• Fear of not reaching orgasm or dissatisfied sexual experience: If one of two sexual partners experiences difficulty in reaching orgasm while having sex or never enjoys the experience, it can easily provoke an anxiety and thereby leading to shying away from sexual activities.

• Quick ejaculation: This occurs mostly in men. Quick ejaculation is as a result of a man not being able to last longer during a sexual intercourse with his partner. This problem can mar the supposed enjoyment from having sex.

• Erectile dysfunction: This is as a result of not being able to get a strong erection before penetrating into your partner. A weak erection cannot and will never satisfy a woman during an intercourse. This occurs as a result of the state of mind. With this health supplement, you can be guaranteed to get strong erections thanks to the minerals and vitamins that it contains. We will now discuss in detail what Activatrol is, its content, how it works, addresses sexual problems and where to get one from.

What Is Activatrol Testosterone Booster?

Activatrol Testosterone is a supplement for male enhancing sexual vigor. It helps to address low testosterone deficiency encounters like low sperm count and quality, short and weak erections (i.e. erectile dysfunction) and penis size. The supplement has vitamins and minerals that increase penis size, have longer erections and prevent male partners from problems associated with a flaccid penis. A great proportion of men have decided to include this supplement in their daily nutrient to combat the above mentioned difficulties.

A magical supplement that transforms your sexual life by giving you the ability to stay longer in bed with your partner plus a strong erection. It also adds strength by providing unmatchable sexual stamina and endurance level.

Activatrol will boost and bolster testosterone hormone level, build stronger the stream transporting blood to the penis and give a pleasurable erection. Due to various sexual performance difficulties that are experienced by sexual partners all over the world today, Activatrol has been manufactured to deliver maximum sexual fulfillment between partners such that the relationship continues to remain healthy and enjoyable.

This enhancement tends to strengthen the testosterone. A testosterone is a male restricted hormone that is responsible for the masculine vigor and overall energy. However, when testosterone levels begin to diminish in the body, it leads to poor sexual thirst and complete body development. Low testosterone level causes disappointment in a male’s life. The minerals and vitamins in this supplement will strengthen testosterone thus improving the overall sexual experience. This particular hormone is responsible for providing and driving sexual experience. In most cases, the level of the hormone begins to drop at the age of 40 and this tends to cause low self-esteem in men because they are incapable of giving maximum sexual satisfaction.

Aside boosting testosterone concentration in men with weak sexual performance, it helps men to become more productive and gain maximum output while at the gym due to the carefully selected natural ingredients that it is made from.

Activatrol is manufactured in the United States and its manufactures guarantee its safety and efficaciousness.

How Activatrol Works

how activatrol works

Activatrol is built with the attempt to bolster free circulation of blood through blood vessels and every other stream that is necessary in order for the body to maintain a strong shape. It has a wide range of mineral and vitamins that increase penis size permanently with consistent use. It doesn’t work for this alone as it includes testosterone necessary to deliver amazing sexual experience.

In the course of this process… Activatrol swings up the necessary drives responsible for sexual pleasure. This marvelous product will embellish and garnish your sexual life by cutting out all causes of erectile dysfunction from one’s life.

Immediately this supplement becomes included in your daily intake, your body would tell since it’s possible for you to feel what’s going on within you.

Procedure Of Using Activatrol

Each bottle of Activatrol Testosterone comes with nothing less than 60 tablets in total. The tablets have minerals and vitamins that will help the user in having stronger erections and increase in penis size. To derive all benefits that come with this enhancement supplier, it is important that everyday usage is kept in check.

One tablet in the morning and one at night is the most appropriate method to use it in order to earn its full potentials.

Positive Reviews And Testimonials


Activatrol Testosterone has received many positive reviews by those who have chosen to try the enhancer. A lot of people have expressed their contentment at how this supplement helps them increase penis size, have longer erections and cure problems associated with a flaccid penis. Their testimonial crystallizes that the product isn’t just good for sexual performance but also safe for overall body wellness, strength and vitality.

Below are some of the overall testimonials from those that have used the product:

a) ” Although there are many sexual enhancement supplements in the market for boosting testosterone levels but in terms of my very own experience, I have only been using Activatrol Testosterone. I have been using this supplement for more than three months and within these three months, i have noticed gross change within my entire body system. The formula has spiced up my sexual life and libido vitality. Should you possess this kind of desire, do not hesitate about this sexual enhancing testosterone supplement”

b) Another user of this product said: “I have been searching for a natural sexual enhancing supplement for a very long period of time that could work for me in an amazing way before I came in contact with Activatrol. Having read previous product reviews and its ingredients, I decided to purchase and used it on a daily basis. It’s indeed true that the supplement has mineral and vitamins that increase penis size. They also prevent having a flaccid penis while at the same time ensuring that your erections will last longer. For each day that I use this product, I got better than the day before. With the use of this product, my sexual interest has quadrupled and i get strong and crushing erection. Besides that, my ejaculation time has been enhanced with an overall better sexual moment. So why not try this product and be reborn”.

c) This customer said “My body system is always very sensitive to all sexual enhancing supplements and none has ever worked out well for me. However, since i really needed to increase my testosterone level in my system, i needed a natural enhancing product with zero side effects. I gave Activatrol a shot and i can incontrovertibly say today that this is the best sexual enhancing product in the market. I even went as far as touting its capabilities to a pal of mine who is very excited about the results he’s beginning to notice in his sexual life”.

d) “In terms of boosting testosterone levels in men, I will always refer people to Activatrol because this product has helped bring back sexual pleasure and satisfaction in my life. I used to spend a very boring sexual moment with my girlfriend until i finally laid my hands on this supplement. Today, i now long for sex more than my partner does and my erection is on another level. I had to visit my doctor after using this enhancer and to my surprise, he told me that testosterone levels have increased in my body.”

e) This customer said this: “If any of my male friend or family member is looking for a testosterone concentration enhancing supplement, I will continue to force him until he uses Activatrol. I used to suffer from testosterone deficiency until I tried this product. It didn’t just spice up my sexual life but made me look and feel so young again. The supplement comprises of effective minerals and vitamins that will work effectively to increase penis size, guarantee an erect penis and wipe out any fears of a flaccid penis. Just in case you want to spend an extraordinary sexual moment with your partner. then this is the extra man that you need inside of you”

Side Effects of Activatrol

All of the above reviews have been positive….

However, it is safe to say that this is a product with lots of benefits from natural ingredients and no side effects at all!

Unlike some of its competitors that suffer from one side effect of the other but the fact that Activatrol is natural in all ramifications makes it top buyers choice of a testosterone enhancer. Thousands of people are still doubtful when it comes to including a supplement that will do them no harm in return but with all of these reviews, then it’s time to worry less and place an order for this amazing formula.

How The Minerals And Vitamins Grow The Penis

Vitamins and minerals are extremely vital in the development and growth of our body immune systems and for other enzymes too however, the composition of this formula includes those that are highly essential to produce its purpose.

These vitamins and minerals work to ensure that you won’t have a flaccid penis when having sex, have long-lasting erections and increase the size of your penis :

Zinc: The presence of zinc in the supplements aids the free circulation of blood flow to this penis. Blood that is being pumped into the penis can make for harder erection and also penis growth as stated in the feature of the formula.

Calcium: Since Activatrol does not place all emphasis on sexual pleasures, calcium is present for bone and muscular growth. This helps those with weak muscles to regain their maximum strength. The penis is a muscle so this bolster the growth of this.

Vitamin B: Vitamin B present in this formula helps for cell metabolism. These vitamins are known for their properties that convert food into energy. Energy that is needed for sexual satisfaction.

Who It Works For?

The supplement works for people wanting to increase their penis size or lack self confidence. It also has minerals and vitamins that help one have an erect penis without any fear of having a flaccid penis during sexual intercourse. Activatrol works for all men with the exception of those under 18 years of age.

In as much as an individual experiences decline in libido level , weak erection and erectile dysfunction, it is expedient to consume some dosages of this formula to combat these problems. However, if one is in search of a safe formula the increase penis size, Activatrol will assist in satisfying this need.

Additionally, it can also be used to gain back lost sexual confidence!

How It Increases Libido And Sexual Prowess

Due to certain ingredients that have been included in the formula, it is expected that Activatrol will increase libido levels in men without provoking any discomfort. The properties contained in the mix are natural and cannot only boost sexual performance and health vitality. The red ginger is the major catalyst for speeding up libido. There are also minerals and vitamins that will increase penis size and assure the user of an erect penis.


activatrol ingredients

Activatrol is built with natural ingredients which are all effective and render an energetic source into the body specifically selected ingredients that will be listed and explained below:

Bioperine: It directly locates every problem associated with stamina and erections. Having done this, it is the responsibility of this nutrient to address the issues and later invigorates stamina and erection.

Horny goat weed: Just as it is written, this is a herb with other additional sexual supplements to speed up the flow and movement of blood to the penis area for maximum erection level.

Muira Puama: Otherwise known as Viagra. It is concentrated in the supplement due to clinically proving its abilities to build stamina level and even bringing back to life weak sexual vigor. It also adds to the celerity of protein and antioxidants that will protect from radical side effects.

Saw Palmetto: It is highly important for the body since it quickly enhances all levels of sexual vitality.• Arginine: This ingredient is clinically proven to create hormones for maximum system propagation and the flow of blood in the body. This ingredients is responsible for increasing penis size

• Red ginger: Ginger has also served as herbs but the red ginger in this mix has been added to strengthen the overall state of mind and aid testosterone formation

Further ingredients that contain all vitamins and minerals!

.• Tongkat Ali extract• Orchic substance• Wild yam extract• Nettle extract• Sarsaparilla• Boron amino acid chelate• Other ingredients include: Titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, croscarmellose sodium, stearic acid, microcrystalline cellulose.

How Long It Takes To Work

Results from the intake of this supplement vary in individual, however can be expected to be relatively quick. Users have reported change in as little as 2 weeks.

But, if you really need the maximum benefits of this supplement, it is then important to consume this supplement’s dosage on a daily basis. An intake of up to three months every day will speed up results in your overall body wellness, vitality and sexual performance.

This will ensure that the vitamins and minerals work effective to increase penis size, have an erect penis and cure any problems related with a flaccid penis. Take 20 minutes before breakfast and 20 minutes before bed schedule is appropriate for consuming dosages. It is also expedient to maintain a balanced diet before results can begin to manifest in those who have chosen to use this product.

Drinking lots of water is also very important for it work well.

Other purposes of Activatrol

Having explained in details the benefits this supplement such as sexual stimulation, longer and larger penis, stronger erection, preventing flaccid penis and testosterone production, there are other benefits of this formula and they will be listed below:

• In case of a situation where an individual would like to increase libido, this formula is also great in carrying out this purpose.

• Aside the uninterrupted circulation of blood that will be enhanced, it will also crystallize your state of mind by keeping it intact and focused

• For those with poor muscle formation, this is an active supplement that can combat such discomfort and in turn build stronger muscles.

• It speeds up motivation to carry out daily tasks because of the nutrients confirmed in it to strengthen physical stamina. It will play a role on improving overall body function.

Increase Penis Size

Penis size and girth has always been a major concern for men with small penis as explained earlier in this article. Here is another characteristic of the almighty Activatrol testosterone.

The supplement is made up minerals and vitamins that have proven to increase penis size. As a matter of fact, if continuous usage habit of this supplement is cultivated, there will be a physical growth in penis length and girth.

This reason coupled with its zero side effects makes it a good choice for those who may be needing its assistance in order to experience an enjoyable sexual performance.

No Side Effects

The entire mix of all properties readily available in this supplements has proven not to provoke any side effect while in use an after use.

The formula is dependent on safe and natural properties that contain highly effective minerals and vitamins. The mineral and vitamins will help to increase penis size and guarantee and erect penis without any side effects.

Properties that have been clinically proven to enhance and multiply testosterone levels in the body for different benefits. Activatrol is devoid of chemicals and artificial additives that may cause harm to the body. For this reason, there is not a chance of growth of side effects.

Manufacturers of Activatrol have not just chosen its ingredients for efficacious result but because it is highly compatible with the male body system. If condition deteriorates, supplements should be stopped immediately and a physician should be contacted right away.

Where To Buy?

You Can Try it Free!

Due to frequent duplication of medical items and approaches taken forth by the organization, Activatrol cannot be bought in any prescribed medical store. The safest and easiest way to purchase Activatrol is by visiting the official website.

A direction has to be respected and followed on how to obtain this great supplement. Having made your order from the official website, then it is then you can hold on and wait for the arrival of your product.

It is often delivered to your doorstep within four days. After the 4 days, you can be assured the the minerals that this supplement has will increase the penis size, prevent having a flaccid penis and have an erect penis.

Benefits of Activatrol Testosterone

activatrol benefits

It will stimulate long lasting strong penis erection : There is a trenchant increase in circulation due to the potent presence of what is known to be “Vasodilators”. This does not only give stronger erections but also stimulates it.

For maintaining strong stamina and perseverance during an intercourse : Studies of this supplement have proven that when used as asked to, it can aid an individual in gathering vitality and also reduce noxious gleaning in unwanted channels of the body thereby providing vigorous endurance level.

Adds length and girth to the penis naturally: It is possible that this supplement adds length to the penis due to regular blood flow to the penile areas.

• For multiplication of testosterone hormones and other body related vitality: It would boost the productivity of the body glands(gonad and pineal) responsible for secreting testosterone and enzymes• Promotion of nitric oxide which is responsible for longer performance in bed: Due to the presence of zinc which is responsible or blood circulation and present in this supplement, it will transport sufficient blood to the penis which provides us enough strength to last longer in bed.

It also:

Gets rid of body fat, It ends premature ejaculation , It enhances muscle growth , It speeds up the celerity of complete hormone growth, Provides physical vitality Safety Measures


Activatrol is a completely new male enhancement supplement by incorporating the best of testosterone enhancing ingredients to deliver a yielding result. The supplement has a great composition of minerals and vitamins that will increase the penis size, guarantee an erect penis and prevent any problems associated with a flaccid penis.

These are supplements that have been clinically tested and proven to solve erectile dysfunction, loss of stamina and penis enlargement. Low testosterone leads to erectile dysfunction in men thereby leading to low energy, endurance and even premature ejaculation in men. This is the major reason why a lot of people have chosen this enhancement formula to boost and address this role in men.

Activatrol will therefore counter all of these issues, restore sexual prowess to that of a young, vibrant and energetic person.

However, whoever uses this product will have to exercise patience as results are not achieved overnight. In fact results will not show if supplement is not taken as prescribed and regularly. It is also very imperative to do an extensive research on a products provided by a recognized company because their ingredients and mix are always scientifically tested.

It comes at an affordable price and provides quick and yielding results. Some products are available that will prove results right away but may differ in cost and ingredients.

Therefore, it’s time to try out Activatrol and enjoy all the above stated benefits!