Lifestyle Changes That Lead to Improved Sexual Health

If you have trouble getting motivated to eat a healthier diet and exercise, then you just may have the motivation you need when I tell you that your lifestyle can ruin your sex life. There are lifestyle changes that lead to improved sexual health that you can begin incorporating into your life today whether you’re already experiencing sexual health problems or just want to prevent them.

A Great Reason to Quit

When you’re enjoying a cigarette a la the cliche after-sex smoke, the bad things that it’s doing to your sex life are probably the furthest thing from your mind. As it turns out though, smoking can impede your sexual health in several ways, such as slowing you down and ruining your stamina because of the effects it has on your heart and lungs. Smoking has also been linked to infertility and sexual dysfunction.

Time to Move

Exercising is good for your health in and out of the bedroom. By getting some exercise, you’re not only lowering stress levels and improving your mood thanks to the endorphins and serotonin released during exercise but you’re also improving your circulation for better heart health and stamina and better erections. Losing weight and getting into shape through exercise can also make you feel better about yourself when it comes to sex, not to mention make you and your new found confidence even more appealing to your partner.

Watch Your Diet

There are so many ways that tweaking your diet can help improve your sex life! As a matter of fact, of all the lifestyle modifications that lead to enhanced sexual performance, changing your diet could be the one thing you do that can have the biggest and best impact on your sexual health. For instance; cutting down the sugars and the fats in your diet will help you lose weight and improve circulation for better erections and a stronger heart. Again, that weight loss also does wonders for your sexual confidence. Also, cutting down on the starchy carbs you consume can help you regain some of your energy and stop you from feeling sluggish in the bedroom and out. And, there are also foods that you can add to your diet to help you improve your sexual health. These are foods that are high in zinc such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, asparagus, and avocado. Upping your intake of bananas for some much needed potassium is also a good idea since it too plays a major role in your sexual health. Supplements can also be added to your daily routine to help you get what you need for better sexual health, such as folic acid and vitamins A and E.

Limit the Alcohol

Keeping alcohol consumption to a moderate level is another one of the lifestyle changes that lead to improved sexual health. Too much alcohol works as a depressant which can greatly interfere with your desire and ability to have sex. Keep the drinking to a minimum if you want to get the most out of your sex life.