Quick Tips to Increase Sperm Count and Fertility Naturally

How to increase sperm count? Trying to have a baby and frustrated it isn’t going like clockwork? Many couples struggle with infertility issues and for one reason or another, a low sperm count may be the culprit. If you’re experiencing an inadequate sperm count, don’t spend time getting frustrated with yourself or your partner – take action instead. By incorporating some of these valuable tips to increase your sperm productivity and general fertility issues, you can give your fertility health the boost it needs to have the family you desire.

It’s no secret: fertility issues occur with many men, and about 6% between the ages of fifteen and fifty encounter difficulties at some time or another. However, those men who boosted the amount of zinc and folic acid in their diet reported a pleasant surge in their fertility. As a way to add extra nutrients in your body, it’s a great excuse to take in order to promote general health and increase your sperm count simultaneously! If adding red meat to your diet doesn’t seem to be working, try one (or several) of these other handy, all natural ways to boost up your sperm count and fertility and get healthy!

Stop Smoking

Smoking has obvious health risks for anyone, regardless of age. Causing various types of cancers, emphyizema and even contributing to depression tendencies, it also can affect how fertile you may be. If you want to be clean and healthy and give your sperm count more motility, quit smoking. Your partner will thank you for it and your body will too. Need some added benefits? Enjoy life with more energy, and live in a stink-free environment.

Limit Your Hot Tub Time, Watch Your Weight

The occasional soak in a hot tub, sauna or Jacuzzi is fine. The problem arises when there is too much heat and/or restriction on the scrotum (also found by wearing underwear that’s too tight). Excessive weight gain or weight loss can also contribute to low sperm count and fertility issues. Male or female, when your body undergoes significant changes in body fat, your testosterone and estrogen levels change as well. If your weight is prone to fluctuating, consult with your doctor about a healthy weight for you and your body. Eat healthy and in moderation, take a folic acid supplement and exercise on a regular basis.

Check Your Home for Hazards

What potential hazards are you surrounded by in your home, backyard or community? If you’re serious about boosting up your sperm count, one of the most effective things you can do is eliminate toxins nearby such as paint, pesticides, heavy metals, mercury and radioactive materials. Even many cleaning products can have chemicals that are hard on your immune system. A solution for these harsh, fertility-impacting toxins? Consider trading them out for the slightly more pricy eco-friendly variations, found at your local hardware store.

Whether you’re concerned about your ability to conceive or just have doubts about your current state of fertility in general, there’s never a better time than right now to get your body in check with healthy foods, moderate amount of exercise, watching your weight and eliminating toxins in your home. Try these tips and you’ll increase your fertility in no time at all.