How to Increase Penis Size Naturally Through Exercises


Contrary to common misconception penile enlargement does not need chemicals and fancy gadgets. It can be achieved naturally through simple penis exercises. There are specifically 3 safe and simple exercises that when combined will naturally aid in penis enlargement.

Here are the 3 penis enlargement exercises to include into your daily routine if you want to naturally enlarge your penis:

  1. Kegel Exercises

pubococcygeal muscle

These exercises engage the pubococcygeal muscle and are extremely effective in increasing both the girth and length of a penis. They also aid in controlling ejaculation. These kinds of exercise not only increase the thickness but also the length of the penis overtime. You will notice that if you begin urinating then stop suddenly there is muscle that will be tightening. It is known as the PC muscle. You can also easily locate this muscle during an erection; it is the muscle that moves your penis without you touching it.

Relaxation and Contraction

This is a very simple but nonetheless effective exercise that helps boost blood flow to the penis every time you have an erection. When more blood enters the penis, the erection becomes harder. The best thing about this exercise is that although it will not take up too much time and you can also do it anywhere and at anytime of the day. There is no limitation whatsoever to the number of contraction you can do. Just do what is comfortable to you. Here is how to do the contractions, contract the PC muscle slowly until you notice that there is no chance that you can contract it anymore. Start from 15 contraction and go to maximum of 24 per session and then do it 5 times a day.


Climbing the Mountain

This is a breathing exercise that intimately engages the PC muscles and helps to increase intensity in your sex life. This exercise is all about starting slowly then increasing the intensity overtime. You simply begin by contracting the PC muscle for a simple 5 seconds.


Another effective Kegel exercise for men that is very different from the others. It start with mild contractions. It is different because you don’t release the contractions but instead increase their intensity little by little hence the name waves. Each session should be between three to four minutes, hold a contraction for thirty seconds.

  1. Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing Exercises

These kinds of exercises have been used for a long time. Jelqing help enlarge the penis when done consistently. If you want any success in enlarging your penis naturally make these kinds of exercise a basic part of your normal routine. These exercises basically consist of milking the penis without necessarily being completely erect. There are two types of effective jelqing namely

Wet Jelqing

Wet Jelqing

This method involves using a lubricant. If your penis is dries up you have to stop and reapply the lubricant over again. After applying the lubricant, simply move your left hand from the bottom to the tip. Take control of your erection by allowing it to reach 50%-70%. Don’t ejaculate until you finish exercising.

Dry Jelqing

This is similar to wet jelqing except you don’t need to use a lubricant. Most experts recommend dry jelqing over wet jelqing because it is convenient and lubricant can also be expensive when used consistently.

  1. Penis Stretching Exercises

This is the final exercise that will also aid in naturally enlarging your penis. Apparently the stretching when done consistently will lengthen the suspensory ligament. Here is how to stretch your penis:


Make an OK symbol and then hold the gland of the penis. Repeat it fie times both clockwise and counter-clockwise.

Shaking and stretching

This method entails grasping the penis just the same way as the turning method (by making the OK symbol with your hand. Once the penis is stretched in all the possible directions, gently hit it against the left leg and right left 15 times.