How to Increase Penis Size Using Herbs


If you have been looking for a natural way to enlarge your penis, then there is no doubt you have come across the idea that there are specific herbs will aid in penis enlargement. This is actually not just another fad; it is true and has been ascertained by numerous reliable studies. These herbs naturally stimulate blood flow to the penis helping it stay fully erect for longer. It is safer choice and better for your health in the long term. Here are a few herbs to try out:


This red Korean herb that helps gives the nervous system a boost. This is because it contains ginsenosides which is a natural part of this plant. According to an extensive study carried out in South Korea, this natural component of the Ginseng herb will enable better sexual functioning when used consistently. Here are important factors to take into consideration if you are taking this herb:


  • It contraindicates with other medications so if you are currently taking any it is better to seek medical advice
  • If you have any underlying diseases such as Diabetes of blood pressure it is better to first talk to your doctor before taking this herb
  • Since no herbal supplement is regulated by the Federal Drug Agency, So be sure to only purchase them from a reputable organisation. If possible seek references from reliable sources.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba

This is another effective herb that is known to boost blood circulation the penile area and also helps with general blood circulation and memory. According to study conducted at the University of California, this herb is extremely effective in helping men taking antidepressants deal with sexual dysfunction.


This herb can either be taken as supplement in the form of capsule or as a tea. It is not advisable to take this supplement if you have a history of seizures or are currently taking any blood thinning medication.

Eat watermelon often


Although not technically a herb, it can be extremely helpful in increasing the size of erections naturally according to different studies, this fruit contains an essential amino acids known as Citrulline which helps in the dilation of blood especially in the penile area. In fact watermelon is considered a super-food when it comes to men’s sexual health.

Consider Maca Supplements


This is a herbal supplement that acts as an Aphrodisiac. It is full of photo-chemicals known as macaenes and macamides which help boost energy and also help in the maintenance of erections. Men who have used this supplement have reported increased sexual vigour and longer and harder erections.