Penis Extenders: 10 Facts and 3 Recommended Devices

Penis Extenders: 10 Facts & 3 Good Devices Stretching your penis to make it grow larger – that sounds like a naive idea, but does it work? Well, thousands of men have tried it using a penile traction (extender) device, and many were able to achieve some results after a few months of regular use. As an alternative to costly and risky surgery, penis extenders would be the best bet for men looking for permanent enlargement naturally.

However, despite their proven efficacy, traction devices aren’t a magic bullet that is guaranteed to work for everyone. If you set out on an online quest to find and purchase a good penis extender you will be bombarded with all kinds of tall promises and guarantees. So, what is the truth about these enlargement devices? The following are 10 facts that can help you understand this technique and what to expect from it.

Fact 1: Only Clinically Proven Natural Enlargement Method

Traction devices are the only non-invasive penile elongation technique that has been tested and proven effective in clinical trials. The principle is simple; stimulating permanent growth in penile length by applying contact external traction force on the penis over an extended period of time. The organ will naturally adapt to the exerted force and grow by generating new cells and tissue.

The following are a couple of snippets that summarize the findings of two clinical studies aimed at evaluating the efficacy of penis extenders. Check the reference links for more details.

Study: 2011; Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?

Study: 2009; A pilot phase-II prospective study to test the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of 'short penis'

Fact 2: Three Theories on How They Work

There are three theories that explain how penis extenders may cause penile enlargement. However, there is no clinical data to tell which of them is correct, if any.

The first one says that the constant tension force will cause micro-tears in penile tissue, which triggers the natural healing process by cell regeneration and multiplication. Thus penile tissue grows under the stimulation.

The second theory suggests that pulling force will increase spaces between erectile tissue inside the two erectile chambers of the penis called corpora cavernosa. This will allow the penis to hold more blood during arousal and thus it becomes larger.

The third theory is that you can increase your visible penis size by stretching out the root of the shaft. There is a significant portion of penile length that extends inside the body, and the traction force may help you bring out some of that hidden length.

Fact 3: Results Vary

Claimed results differ from one brand to another with some promising an increase of up to 33% in length and less than an inch in girth. But what has been shown in clinical studies and personal experiences is that results vary from one user to another based on individual compliance. Certain factors like age, diet and lifestyle may also affect the process.

Please note that manufacturers highlight the maximum results that may be possible to get in rare cases. However, typical results are usually significantly smaller, so don’t have your hopes high for 3 inches bigger! An achievable gain should normally be around 1 inch growth in length. Girth should not be expected to increase.

Fact 4: Not a Quick or Easy Solution

You will have to wear the extender almost every day for at least a few months before you start noticing any enlargement. The system should come with a routine that you will have to stick to, but the common recommendation is that you wear it for at least 6 hours on a daily basis for 6 months or more.

The device is small and flexible so it can be easily hidden under your clothes and no one will even notice it. It will be a slow process but if you are determined to make it work you need to be very patient.

Fact 5: Better Results When Combined with Exercises

The extender can make your dick longer, but if you want it thicker as well you can use manual penis exercises along the way. With exercises you can promote circulation and stretch your penis in different directions to stimulate multi-dimensional growth. Most traction systems recommend following an exercise routine so you will be able to gain size in both length and circumference.

Fact 6: Comfortability is Key to Success

Since you’ll be wearing the device for several hours a day it’s important that it fits firmly and comfortably. Good devices come with a decent strap, protective pad/foam, cohesive gauze and other accessories that help the device fit securely, safely and snugly. You may also consider using a vacuum based stretcher, which can be more comfortable and less risky to wear for long hours.

Fact 7: Used by Surgeons for Penile Traction Therapy (PTT)

Penile traction therapy is utilized by surgeons to promote penile elongation and prevent shrinkage in some patients who have undergone penile surgery. Extenders have been prescribed by doctors for this purpose.

Although some doctors have suggested traction devices as an alternative to enlargement surgery, it remains an experimental approach with no approval by the FDA or the mainstream medical community, awaiting more conclusive studies of efficacy and safety.

Fact 8: May Help Men with Peyronie’s Disease (Bent Penis)

Another use of penis extenders is straightening penile curvature. They may help men who suffer from Peyronie’s disease correct the bend in their shaft. They are worth considering before resorting to surgical treatments of this condition.

Fact 9: Wrong Use Can Cause Injury

If you get overzealous and think that you will achieve faster results by wearing the extender for longer than instructed or applying a greater traction force, you may end up with a serious injury instead.

The device should be used as per provided instructions and safety precautions. If you experience any remarkable pain, numbness or change in skin color then you are doing something wrong and you must remove the device until you figure out the right and safe way to wear it.

Fact 10: Innovated by a Danish Company

Almost all penis extenders in the market today are based on the original technology and design developed and patented in 1995 by Denmark-based DanaMedic ApS. This is the company behind the well-known Jes Extender brand featured below.

Top 3 Recommended Extenders

There are many brands of penis extenders available for purchase online and pretty much all of them claim to be the best. Basically, all extenders use the same technology with varying quality and comfortability. Deciding which one to buy should be based on how comfortable and firm it wears, quality of the used material, durability of the device and credibility of the manufacturer.

With that in mind, the following are 3 of the finest extenders that have helped many men feel more secure about their penis size by gaining that bit of extra length they’ve always wished for.

#1: PeniMaster Pro

PeniMaster Pro Rod Penis Extender Details

The PeniMaster Pro is not like most penis extenders in the market that use a rubber strap of a silicone noose to pull the penis. Instead, it introduces a suction based stretching mechanism.

The head attachment of PeniMaster Pro is worn on the glans, and it works by creating a vacuum seal around it. When the head attachment is subjected to traction force from the tension bars, it pulls the penis away from the base, which creates the stretching force required to stimulate penile growth.

Compared to strap/noose devices, this technique is more comfortable, safer, less likely to slip off, and less likely to cut off circulation to the glans. In other ways, it allows you to wear the device for longer sessions, which leads to better gains. And that’s why I rate PeniMaster Pro as the #1 penis extender.

It comes in two models; a rod extender (shown in the picture above) and a belt system. The belt system uses the same head attachment, but instead of the traction device you just hook it up to an elastic belt that is wrapped around the leg, waist, or shoulder. You can stretch your penis sideways using the belt, but with body movement it tends to lose tension force as opposed to the constant traction force you get with the rod extender.

Stretching with the belt can be helpful as a secondary routine, and if you pay a little extra you can get both the belt and rod extender in the complete set for $327.


  • The most comfortable traction device.
  • High quality and reliable product.
  • Can be worn for hours straight without causing discomfort.
  • Less likely than strap devices to restrict circulation to your glans.
  • Can be worn with a rod extender or a belt.
  • The belt stretcher works well for men with a short penis (micropenis).
  • Can be safely and securely worn under cloths.
  • Unlikely to slip off if worn correctly.
  • Comes with comprehensive user instructions, manual and instructional videos.


  • At first it may seem complicated to use, but you’ll master it after a few tries.
  • It may cause water retention in the glans causing it to swell (goes away quickly).
  • It may cause blisters on the glans as a result of trapped air spots between the adhesive diaphragm and glans.
  • English content is apparently written by some German person, it’s a little broken but perfectly understandable.

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#2: Jes Extender

Jes Extender Details

The Jes Extender is the pioneer of penis extenders invented by worldwide patent holder; DanaMedic. With its proven traction mechanism and hardwearing parts, the Jes Extender can rightfully claim to be the finest penis enlarger money can buy.

As for traction mechanism, Jes Extender utilizes a rubber strap, or alternatively a silicone tube that is fastened just behind the glans. For additional comfort, the device comes with a protection pad which is fitted between the fastener and the skin of the penis.

If you are looking for a strap-based penis extender, then you won’t find anything better than the Jes Extender.

But there is one big downside here, which is the premium price of this product and its spare parts. They even go to crazy lengths by offering a $1000 pure platinum coated edition!


  • The original penile traction device invented in 1995.
  • Patented and clinically proven.
  • Handmade from high quality material.
  • Strong parts that endure wear.
  • Safe and comfortable for sizes up to 9.1 inches.
  • Lavish editions coated in pure sterling silver, 24 carat gold or pure platinum.
  • Minimum 1 year warranty.


  • One of the most expensive penis enlargers in the market.
  • Not many spare parts are included, but they can be purchased from the company’s online store.
  • Not suitable for sizes over 9 inches or below 4 inches.

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#3: SizeGenetics

SizeGenetics Penis Extender Details

SizeGenetics is basically a re-branded modification of the Jes Extender. They use the same base device but with some tweaks like increased tension force, comfort plasters/pads, and other accessories.

Despite being an ‘offspring’ of the original Jes Extender, SizeGenetics quickly became one of the most popular penis extenders on the Internet. Unfortunately, that’s not mostly because of its exceptional quality or effectiveness, but mainly because most of its reviewers are paid affiliates, and SizeGenetics pay generous commissions. Well, maybe that will change now after it has been acquired by Jes Extender’s maker.

Overall, SizeGenetics is a good device and it does function well. But, at a steep price tag of $399 for the ultimate system, I’d definitely pass on this one and get the Jes Extender Gold Standard (gold coated) for $350 instead.


  • One of the most popular brands online.
  • Based on proven technology.
  • Comes with additional comfort plasters.
  • Works well and provides high tension power (up to 2,800 grams).


  • It’s not really all that it’s hyped up to be.
  • Most praiseful online reviews are created by affiliates, often showing deceptive before/after photos.
  • Can cause discomfort and blockage of circulation to the glans.
  • Not suitable for sizes over 9 inches or below 4 inches.
  • Very expensive, and most extras in the ultimate package are a waste of money.
  • Lacks proper usage instructions.

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