Enlarging your Penis Naturally through Diet

Enlarging your penis naturally through diet

Having a big penis is something that every man wants. The great news is that there is natural ways to enlarge your penis with no detrimental side effects. Diet is the easiest ways to help enlarge your penis. Here are the specific foods that can come in handy:

Include lean proteins in your diet


One of the most effective ways to increase the size of your penis is ensuring that your diet is rich in lean proteins. The idea here is to ensure that in each meal you have at least one lean protein/. According to reliable studies consistently eating proteins will not only improve sperm count but also helps to achieve a proper erection. The top options are salmon and tuna. Other great choices are nuts, soy and low fat yoghurt.

LArginine Rich Foods

Arginine Rich Foods

Another category of foods that will help with penis enlargement are foods rich in Arginine. These kinds of foods have been proven to aid in proper ejaculation and increasing the quality of sperms. The best options include herring, tuna, chicken, salmon, lentils, chicken nuts and seeds. These foods contain an enzyme that is responsible for the dilation of blood in the penis. This enzyme helps in the release of a hormone that ensures sufficient blood reaches the penis to harden and lengthen an erection.


ZINC Rich Foods

Zinc is an important mineral that help the penis function at its best and also aids in size increment. It works by increasing the rate at which a man’s body produces sperm. Additionally this menral also helps to maintain the motility of the perm. Including foods rich in Zinc such as oysters, pumpkin seeds and beans will aid in enlarging your penis naturally.

Some vegetables can help


There some kinds of vegetables which help in penis health and enlargement. They include carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and broccoli. Include a portion of these vegetables in every meal you take. How about a raw carrot for a snack instead of junk food? A carrot is not only nutritious and tasty but also helps enlarge your penis and maintain its health.

Smoking and alcohol are an absolute NO-NO

Smoking and alcohol

Smoking and alcohol will harbor your efforts of enlarging your penis. This is because both alcohol and tobacco contain chemicals that prevent penis enlargement. Smoke alcohol in moderation and instead focus on a plant based diet infused with lean proteins and fruits.


Although most men think that pills and gadgets are the way to go when it comes to penis enlargement, this is not true. In reality the safest and healthiest way to enlarge your penis and ensure it remains healthy is by including the foods mentioned above in your diet.