Top Factors That Determine Penis Size

Today, there are hundreds of available supplements and pills claiming to have the “great effect” in increasing penis size. However, very few people have reported its true result, which is quite small or negligible. Recent studies affirm that penis size is a huge issue for men and a crucial component of men’s body image. There are different factors that determine the size of a penis.


Just like any other heredity-acquired traits, it is a fact that heredity plays a major role with a man’s penis size.


To ensure that you get the appropriate intake of natural vasodilators that aids in relaxing the muscles and widening arteries, potassium-rich foods such as broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beetroot, celery and garlic must be included in your diet. High fiber diet, selenium and foods rich in Vitamin E such as peanuts, mangoes, and canned blue crab and avocado, sardine and egg yolks are also highly recommended to prevent oxidation that causes oxidative stress to the body. In addition these foods also ensure a healthy balance in the hormonal system and thus contribute towards penis size.


Blood is responsible for the overall transportation of nutrients and oxygen acquired from the food we eat and air we inhale; to the numerous tissues and different body organs. It is therefore explicable that proper performance of our circulatory system is a vital factor for optimum health of other systems in the body. Smoking affects the penis in the exact way as it affects the heart. It damages blood vessel lumen, constricts it and has a negative impact on elastin, which is responsible for man’s ability to have an erection.


The period where testicular activity sets in is between 3 to 4 months of age of the baby. This is the most vigorous time where testes start to develop. The secretion of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) is known to be suppressed by estrogen. In the United States, soy formula milk is now being given in almost 1/3 of the infant populations because it contains higher level of plant estrogen, which inhibits testosterone production. It is then considered that the early neonatal stage as well as the environmental lifestyle of the parents influences the functions and growth of male testes.

Research Results

Scientists who have researched penile abnormalities of children have also proven that hormone exposure in the early stages of fetal development has an effect on penis growth.

This recent discovery demonstrates that maximum enlargement potential of the penis is pre-determined by androgen action during the fetal development. Androgen is the hormone that controls and promotes the masculine individuality.

To further explain this matter, there are two vital stages in determining the penis size.

  1. One is during the fetal stage wherein penis formation initiates; where androgen actions must take place because whatever may be deficient in this early life may never be compensated in later stages of life.
  2. The second stage is the penile growth where androgenic hormone is necessary, beginning from birth of the infant and lasting until the last phase of puberty.