What causes Psychological Impotence?

Psychological Impotence?

Many men are unable to perform sexually because of psychological issues. Sadly, such men are unaware of their situation and most end up resorting to hazardous alternatives that can be detrimental to their health. The truth is that sexual issues that result from psychological issues can be treated with other alternative all-natural treatments. In this article we explore psychological impotence in detail.

So what exactly is psychological impotence?

Psychological impotence is a condition that is as a result of psychological factors that make achieving an erection is extremely difficult. Unlike erectile dysfunction which a medical condition caused pulmonary and cardiovascular problems or simply aging, psychological impotence on the other hand is rooted in psychological problems.  What this implies is that this is not a condition that can be treated by simply taking a pill. The good news is that psychological impotence can be treated  as long as the underlying condition is addressed.

Is Psychological impotence common?

Unlike erectile dysfunction, psychological impotence does not have any age boundaries. Anyone at any age despite their health can suffer from this treatable condition. According to reliable statistics 10 to 20% of men in the United States face the issue of psychological impotence at some point in their life.

How can you distinguish between psychological impotence and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

If you are in perfect health, are still below the age of 40 and you are also in great physical condition then there is no reason why you should suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. Men who maintain a great diet and also work out regularly will not develop ED below their fifties.

If you have insisted the doctor and there is no physical explanation for your sexual issues then you are probably suffering from erectile dysfunction. According to sexual experts, if you are able to get an erection when masturbating and still get normal morning erections, this is an indication that your impotencies caused by psychological issues.

  • Let us now explore the most common underlying cause of psychological impotence

What are the causes of Psychological impotence?

The term psychological impotence acts as an umbrella that covers a myriad of mental issues that affect how you perform sexually and how low you are able to maintain an erection. The causes of psychological impotence include:


Whether you are suffering from a chronic form of anxiety or simply have performance-related anxiety, it can affect your ability to attain and maintain an erection. Numerous clinical studies have ascertained that anxious thoughts can have a detrimental impact on your sexual performance. In November 2012 The Journal of Urology published a study that showed that most 95% of men suffering from psychological impotence also reported heightened levels of anxiety.


When you are extremely stressed up, it can impact your sex life negatively to a great extent. Stress causes the release of hormones into the bloodstream; these hormones prepare you for fight or flight. When your body and mind are in constant concern of impending danger, you are not able to perform sexually.


Depression can negatively impact all the aspects of your life including sex. When you are feeling blue, it is normal to lack the motivation and energy to perform sexually.

Relationship issues

If you are going through troubled times with your sexual partner, it can cause sexual impotence. The difficulties you have in your relationship easily spill into your sex life.

Fear of failure

This is one of the biggest reasons why most men face psychological impotence. There is a domino effect that leads to psychological impotence-if you are in fear of not being able to perform, it can actually lead to sexual dysfunction.


 on pornography or porn addition

For some men, depending on photography particularly when they want to masturbate cause psychological impotence when they are attempting to actually have sex with their partners. This is because the more you use pornographic material to stimulate you sexually, the more you affect your ability to have sex without porn.


Close to 20% of men in the United States suffer from a form of sexual dysfunction despite their age and state of health. Most men in their 20s are puzzled when they are able to attain and maintain an erection. This is because they are suffering from psychological impotence.