Can stress affect the production of Testosterone?

There are many symptoms of low Testosterone that are also same as the signs of stress. In this article the aim is to find out how low Testosterone is linked to stress and what actions you can take to prevent low testosterone levels and what you can do about it. Your testosterone level is not a; priority when your body is in a fight-or-flight situation. When you are trying to survive and trying to fight for your life the body produces a hormone known as Cortisol. When Cortisol levels are high, the levels of Testosterone are extremely low.

Let’s now look at research on low testosterone and stress

Over the years, there are numerous studies that have come out about how stress hormone Cortisol and Testosterone work against each other. Each limits the function of the other.  This has led to a theory that suggests that stress can lead to low libido in men. This is because Cortisol inhibits Testosterone production.

research on low testosterone and stress

A study that was published by the renowned journal known as Hormones and Behavior suggests that there is new evidence to indicate that there is a phenomenon known as Testosterone Hormonal Axis. In this particular study the experts measured 57 men against each other; these men were pitted out in a competition.  When Cortisol levels are high, the production of testosterone reduces significantly. This essentially means that when you are more stressed you are not able to perfume well sexually.

Low Testosterone and Stress share their signs and symptoms

Some symptoms that are an indication that you suffer from both low testosterone and stress include:


Difficulty sleeping

Complete loss of interest in sex or erectile dysfunction

Lack of interest and energy



Extreme fatigue

It is difficult to ascertain whether you are producing too much Cortisol or cholesterol. Your best option is to go to a doctor who understands your medical history and can adequately predict what is troubling your system.

Does less stress really lead to more production of testosterone?

The idea that you stress reduction can help increase testosterone levels and this can make you a beast in bed. The first step to reducing stress is to quit worrying about your testosterone levels. A few lifestyle changes will help you ensure that Cortisol production is much lower that Testosterone production;

  • Avoid tobacco at all costs, this means never smoke
  • Adopt a regular exercise regimen
  • Avoid too much caffeine; you can substitute this with healthier drinks such as fresh fruit juice
  • Never use drugs to alleviate stress, this refers to both hard drugs and prescription drugs such as Xanex
  • Learn ways of reducing stress and relaxing
  • Set realistic goals and make sure you achieve them
  • If you are struggling ask for help


AS clearly demonstrated in this article stress and sexual performance are indirectly related. The more you are stressed, the worse your sexual performance. By keeping your stress levels low, you will be boosting sexual performance and endurance.