5 Main Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men


Although research has established that erectile dysfunction should naturally affect men above the age of 50, there are currently many young men dealing with this frustrating condition. Many young men are now finding it hard to attain and maintain an erection for long enough to perform sexually.


So what was once a reserve for much older men has become a condition that men in their 30s and even 20s struggle with.If you are a young man wondering why you are dealing with ED then you have come to the right place. In this detailed article you will find out the main causes of erectile dysfunction in young men.




Let’s begin with a brief understanding of what Erectile dysfunction is…

Contrary to the misconception among most young men, erectile dysfunction is not the same as premature ejaculation. This is because when it comes to premature ejaculation, a man is able to achieve an erection that is adequate for sexual intercourse. What causes them to ejaculate prematurely is overstimulation of the penis. On the other erectile dysfunction makes it extremely hard to achieve an erection that is capable of vaginal penetration, in severe cases a man is incapable of achieving an erection completely.

Here are the 5 leading cause of ED (Erectile Dysfunction in Young men)

  1. Excessive consumption of alcohol

There is no doubt that alcohol abuse among younger men has become more rampant in this generation. Binge drinking and partying hard thanks to alcohol has become the norm. Sadly for such men the liquor is not just making them high, it is also a main risk factor for premature erectile dysfunction.

For moderate or mild drinkers the impotence is temporary, most are unable to perform sexually when drunk but this wears off once they are sober (when the alcohol is out of their system). For excessive drinkers there is a risk of long-lasting erectile dysfunction. Numerous reliable studies have unequivocally proven that alcohol acts as potent sedative for the central nervous system and this subsequently depresses sexual desire and male libido. When sexual desire and libido decreases your brain is inhibited from sending signals to heart to pump more blood into the penile chamber. Keep in mind that for an erection to attained and maintained there must be steady blood flow into the penile chamber.

  1. Smoking

Funny because as we go down the list, it seems like the activities young men consider fun are actually preventing them from having a healthy sex life. Smoking is yet another habit extensively embraced by young men that is a main risk factor for premature erectile dysfunction. When you smoke tobacco, especially heavy frequent smokers, it leads to plaque build up in the arteries and this will restrict blood flow through the veins) this condition is known as arterial sclerosis). The accumulation of plaque in blood vessels prevents massive blood flow into the penile chamber which is necessary to achieve and maintain an erection.

  1. Obesity

Although we live in a generation obsessed by looking good, the paradox is that obesity numbers are rising/. Junk food has literally becoming an epidemic. The fact that most men are tied up in busy schedules makes it worse because most men live a sedentary lifestyle.

In fact the only physical exercise most working men between 20 and 30 have is working to the car in the morning then driving of too work. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle has elevated the rates of obesity causing men to be ion high risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. These three diseases are lead to erectile dysfunction.

  1. Diabetes

Millions of men suffering from Diabetes Type 1 and the most common Diabetes Type 2 which develops due to poor diet are also dealing with symptoms of erectile dysfunction. For the men with Diabetes Type 2, you can make the situation better by managing your blood sugar levels through regular exercises and a healthy diet. You will realise that when your blood sugar levels are in check then you tend to perform better in bed. Studies have shown that when Diabetes in not well managed, it affects a man’s sex life detrimentally.

It is harder for men with Diabetes Mellitus to overcome Erectile Dysfunction caused by their illness.