5 Important things every man must know about Erectile Dysfunction


The notion that all men are only after one thing is not a fair assessment of the entire male species, especially when it comes to men who cannot perform sexually. When a man is suffering from erectile dysfunction, the thought of sealing the deal and leaving a sexual partner satisfied is more terrifying than wonderful. Erectile dysfunction makes a man feel isolated and most shy from talking about it. What hiding does is make men miss out on important discussions that will help them protect their mental health.

Erectile dysfunction makes a man feel isolated and most shy from talking about it

Whether you are already afflicted with this condition or are just acquiring information in the event that erectile dysfunction becomes an issue later on in life. To help discover as much information as possible about erectile dysfunction, here are 5 important things about this sexual condition that every man must know:

Erectile Dysfunction is remarkably common

Numerous studies have exhaustively sampled large populations in order to figure out the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in the United States. One of these studies was published by the American Journal of Medicine, this particular study had more than 200 men participating. Additionally, this study also showed that in the year 2000 18.4% of men above the age of 20 are living with erectile dysfunction. Most men have no idea that they are dealing with erectile dysfunction because they think they are too young to suffer from this condition.


Research is proving that as time goes by an alarmingly high number younger males are having issues with their sexual health and performance. It has not been clearly established why more men despite age are developing erectile dysfunction. According to experts what they are completely sure about is that this condition boils down to something going wrong with the blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that can arise from the mind

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While there are many men who visit a doctor with hope of getting an easy and quick solution for erectile dysfunction, they quickly find out that it is a problem that needs mental strength as well to resolve. Ye the problem is always related to low testosterone production. However, most times the body tends to produce low cholesterol even if there is nothing wrong with their body’s physiology. Very frequently doctors find out that their mental state is what stops them from getting an erection and pleasing their partners sexually. In most cases men with erectile dysfunction are simply afflicted with performance anxiety. Apart from anxiety other causes of erectile dysfunction include low self esteem, depression and work-related worries.

Erectile Dysfunction is just one of many sexual disorders

When most men think about sex-related problems they think only of erectile dysfunction. This is absolutely false. There are many other sexual issues that men face despite age. According to statistics, the most prevalent sexual problems are premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, low libido and erectile dysfunction.

Sometimes erectile dysfunction is just a sign of underlying health problems

There are many separate medical conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction; some are more obvious than others. According to doctors, erectile dysfunction especially at a young age can be an indication of something more severe. For instance a study has revealed that erectile dysfunction and diabetes.

There are multiple treatment options for erectile dysfunction

Though erectile dysfunction can go away without any treatment, it is irresponsible to take that approach when there are many other alternatives. In most cases simple life changes can help get rid of erectile dysfunction faster. Other strategies that can help include maintaining a healthy body weight, eating healthy and avoiding tobacco and alcohol.


Finally erectile dysfunction sometimes is because you are not in sync with your partner and lack the sexual chemistry to maintain a great sex life. If this is the problem then perhaps your body is not failing you and your relationship is the cause of your unhealthy sexual health.