Which Penis Enhancement Products Do Other Customers Buy?

SizeGenetics and VigRx Plus are the top-selling penis enlargement products at PenileGuider.com You may be inquisitive about which penis enhancement products other men are buying. With increasing awareness about spam and sly online rip-offs, people are more circumspect about penis enlargement supplements and tools promoted over the Internet. Most buyers would opt for a product that either was personally recommended to them by someone who has satisfactorily used it, or one that they believe is the best after doing adequate research. So, knowing which brands are popular and top-selling can help you select a product that works and is trusted by others.

While PenileGuider.com does not supply or distribute any products, we are affiliated with some of the top-notch sexual health merchants to whom we refer visitors and customers. Among the many products that we feature and review on this site, a few has been dominating sale charts for quite a long period of time now. Below we discuss the top-sellers in both the penis extender and enhancement pill categories based on our statistics up to the date of this post.

Top-Selling Penis Extender Devices

More than 60% of our customers who bought a penis extender chose the new and improved SizeGenetics enlargement system. With its innovative comfort technology, SizeGenetics is the best and most effective penile extender that money can buy. The next top-selling PE device is the elegant Male Edge penis stretcher that features a unique, solid design and a clinically proven technology – Male Edge sales made up more than 30% of total extender purchases.

Top-Selling Penis Pills

When it comes to pills, there are probably hundreds of brands that promise a bigger penis. While most manufacturers exaggerate, and even flagrantly lie, about expected results, some male enhancement pills live up to what they claim.

From the several penile pills featured on Penile Guider, the VigRX Plus offer was chosen by about 48% of customers who purchased enhancement pills. The second best-selling pill is the new Male Extra natural supplement.

Which Product Should I Buy?

Well, that depends on what your goal is. If you have a small penis and would like to add some size by stimulating natural growth, then the SizeGenetics system is what you need to get. But, if you are looking for a boost in your sexual energy, desire and increased blood flow for larger and stiffer erections, then VigRx Plus would be the best choice.