Penis Size and Race: Facts and Myths

Black men having bigger penises is a myth with no scientific evidence There are myths to do with almost every subject, but subjects that are not fully understood or don’t have a particularly rational explanation seem to be surrounded by a higher than average number of myths.

One subject that falls into this category is penis size; the myth being that the size of a man’s penis is somehow related to his race or ethnicity. Most people have heard tall tales about black men having larger than average penises, however, there never has been and still isn’t any statistical evidence to back up this statement.

The truth of the matter is that penile size, just like eye color, hair color, height; a propensity to gain weight or go bald is due to genetics. Despite this however, it isn’t quite a straightforward as a son automatically having the same size as his father.

All children inherit their genes from both their father and their mother, it is therefore possible for the genes that determine the size of the penis to come from the mother’s side of the family and result in the child having a larger or smaller penis than his father. It could also be that two brothers have different sized penises if one inherits the relevant gene from their mother and the other inherits the gene from their father.

Despite the scientific and medical research that has been carried out on the subject of penis size, the widely recognized and deeply ingrained myth that it is related to race endures. This is mainly because it takes advantage of men’s insecurity and makes it difficult for them to rationalize information on the subject or to think about it logically.

The myth is allowed to perpetuate because it is a difficult subject for men to discuss, unfortunately in the meantime the widespread insecurity it creates continues to spread and endure.