Are Penis Enlargement Oils Any Good?

Penis enlargement oil and gel You’ve probably heard and read a lot about penis pills and drugs, but not so much about topical penis enhancers. Is that because topical supplements are less effective than orally administered ones?

Well, if we examine the herbal and natural ingredients used in most male enhancement supplies and how they work, we’ll understand that most of them don’t have topical effects within the reproductive organ itself. Rather, they work as mood enhancing, stress relieving, blood vessel relaxing and tissue building agents throughout the body. So, oral administration and intestinal absorption would be more beneficial than topical administration.

So, Are Oils Less Beneficial Than Pills?

Penis enlargement oils can be an exception in that, if used regularly and properly, they may lead to greater improvements than pills alone can achieve. How so? It’s because the oil is applied through penile massaging and exercising, thus combining the benefits of both absorbed active ingredients and exercises.

Correctly performed massages and exercises that accompany the application of enhancement oil help increase blood flow in the penis, and the constant gentle stretching gradually leads to increased length and girth through natural micro tissue tears and repairs (cell division and growth). This kind of growth cannot be achieved with the digestion of pills alone, and this makes oils and exercises together a better choice for men seeking permanent size growth.

Why Not So Popular?

There’s one major drawback to using oils instead of pills or devices though. And that is it requires daily sessions of about 30 minutes (more or less according to the routine followed), and it takes weeks or months for significant results to be attained.

Any Recommendations?

If you have enough spare time and determination to spend about 30 minutes daily massaging and exercising your penis, then we definitely recommend that you try topical penis enhancers.

We’d recommend one of the following brands: VigRx Oil and ProSolution Gel (this is a gel not oil, but can be used similarly). The latter offers free membership to a professional penis exercise program which can save you a decent amount of money.