Recent Study Uncovers The Mystery of The Ostrich Penis

Most species of bird copulate by touching together their cloaca, openings that facilitate both mating and excretion. Ducks, geese, swans, flamingos, ostriches, kiwis and emus are different; they all have penises that swell to erection. For most of them, the erection is produced by lymph fluid, but the ostrich has long been believed to have […]

Testosterone Helps Older Men Retain Their Muscle Mass

Testosterone is a pivotal sex hormone that performs multiple functions throughout the human male lifecycle. Apart from being a major determinant of male sexuality, testosterone has now emerged as an indicator of a primary symptom of old age among men, i.e., loss of muscle mass. If the results of the latest study on the impact […]

Stents Proved Effective for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

For long, millions of men have suffered at the cruel hands of erectile dysfunction (ED), which embarrasses them at a time when they are naturally expected to ooze confidence. The worse part of it starts when the treatment proves ineffective. Several ED drugs that may be successful in most cases fail when the problem is […]

Cialis Receives FDA Approval to Treat Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

About half of men over 50 have some form of prostate disease. The condition generally occurs due to enlarged size of the prostate gland. Recently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Eli Lily’s Cialis to treat enlarged prostate, a condition medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Until now, Cialis (generic: tadalafil) has been […]

Breaking Your Woman’s Heart May Break Your Penis!

According to an interesting new study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, extramarital affairs and other sex that happens in uncommon circumstances may increase a man’s risk of suffering a penile fracture, also known as a “broken penis.” The groundbreaking study led by Dr. Andrew Kramer, a urologist and researcher at the University of […]

Better Cardiovascular Health = Better Erections, and Vice Versa

The idea that cardiovascular health is somehow linked to penile health is not exactly news, and that impotence can be an early sign of heart disease is well known, but scientists have found it difficult to pinpoint exactly how the two are linked. Does heart disease cause erectile dysfunction or are they both symptoms of […]

Viberect: A Vibrating Gadget for Stronger Erections and Better Orgasms

For men who have not been helped by popular erectile dysfunction chemicals, or who feel uncomfortable with the reported side-effects, there are not many options. Traditionally, they have been forced to consider a life with impotence, painful vacuum pumps or risky invasive surgery. That is changing, however, as a new prescription vibrator enters the market. […]

Antioxidants to Treat Infertility and Erectile Dysfunction?

An ABC News Video Talking About Antioxidants and Their Effects on Sexual Health. Antioxidants have long been celebrated in the alternative medicine and health food industries as the cure for numerous conditions, from aging to infertility, all believed to be caused by oxidation on a cellular level. Now science is catching up and asking the […]