Alcohol’s Negative Impacts on Male Sexual Health

Alcohol may damage your reproductive system and hamper your sexual ability Drinking a little alcohol may help you overcome your bedroom jitters and turn you into Don Juan. Go beyond a couple of cocktails and you may end up finding yourself in trouble. Excessive alcohol consumption can affect your sexual health because it interferes with testicular function and male hormone production, and may result in infertility, impotency, and reduction of male secondary sexy characteristics such as chest and facial hair. The thing is that alcohol is basically a depressant, so its excessive use may reduce sexual desire, dampen mood, and lead to erectile dysfunction.

Alcohol and its Impact on Testosterone

Researchers have been conducting studies for quite some time to determine the impact of excessive alcohol on testosterone. They have found that testosterone levels diminish in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic men, but it declines more in men who rely heavily on alcohol and become intoxicated. Though the researchers have found that testosterone levels return to normal if a person drinks occasionally, it is hard to overlook the negative impact of regular drinking even if you drink a little.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report just recently stating that moderate drinking may not have a huge impact on your sexual performance. The moderate in this case refers to drinking one or two drinks a day, not a drop more. Otherwise, the liver will fail to eliminate the toxins from alcohol, which will affect your sexual organs.

Here are the top three ways alcohol can destroy your sex life:

  • Alcohol has detrimental effects on your brain and your penis. Researches show that sober men are more likely to achieve an erection quickly as compared to alcoholics. Pre-sex drinking hinders the blood flow to your sexual organ and dramatically reduces your level of excitement, which results in temporary erectile dysfunction.
  • Excessive drinking may make you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases. Almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters that often lead to STDs are the result of excessive drinking.
  • The experts believe that excessive use of alcohol is one of the underlying causes of ruined relationships. Moderate drinking may not be a huge cause of concern, but it leads to several relationship problems like infidelity, conflict, economic insecurity, and eventually divorce in households where men are alcoholics.

What’s more, alcohol can destroy your appearance, which is also going to affect your sex life. You may not know but four pints of lager may contain up to 1000 calories, which makes it seriously fattening. Many other unattractive things may also happen, including enlargement of breasts in males, withering of the testicles, and loss of hair on the body. It is worth pointing out that regular alcohol use will also lead to stress and depression, and there is no prize for discovering that you’re not going to have a great time in the bedroom when you’re feeling depressed. So, be sure to learn where to draw the line and when you’re going beyond moderation, or else be prepared to experience serious embarrassment in front of your partner.

Bottom lines is, the many possible negative effects of alcohol on your sexual functions and quality of life are a sufficing reason to keep away from drinking.

For further reading about alcohol’s damaging effects on the male reproductive system check out this article by Mary Ann Emanuele, M.D. and Nicholas V. Emanuele, M.D.

Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Herbal Remedies

Premature ejaculation can be destructive to a man's sex life - luckily there are safe and natural ways to treat it Premature or early ejaculation is a common problem many men experience in the bedroom. The inability of a man to hold back his climax until both partners are ready for it can create grave trouble in the relationship, and this is why men suffering from premature ejaculation should take it very seriously and work to eliminate or reduce the causes before the damage becomes too formidable to fix.

What Causes Premature Ejaculation?

There are numerous causes of premature ejaculation that can be mainly categorized as either psychological or physiological.

Psychological Causes

Sinful thoughts: It is the belief of some that premature ejaculation is largely based on a long time fear of being caught. There is also the theory that guilty feelings tend to make a person rush through to climax.

Anxiety: Many things can cause a man to be anxious during the sexual act, such as culprit feelings, lack of confidence and fear of not being able to sustain the erection long enough (erectile dysfunction). Anxiety may cause a man to rush to climax.

The Relationship: Problems within the relationship and absence of intimacy between the two partners can push a man to finish it quickly.

Physiological Reasons

Biologically there are a number of factors that may contribute to premature ejaculation, including:

  • Abnormal hormone levels
  • Abnormal levels of neurotransmitters
  • Abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory system
  • Thyroid problems
  • Other physiological abnormalities including genetics, nerve damage and trauma

To read more about the causes of premature ejaculation here’s a good article by

Natural Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

The following herbs have been used in alternative remedies to delay orgasm in men:

Angelica: The root of this plant has anaesthetic properties. It can reduce the sensitivity of the penis, which is the stimulative cause of premature ejaculation. Angelica root oil can be applied directly to the penis, but it is often used with other ingredients in topical treatments (creams, gels and oils).

Folic Acid: Folic acid is a type of B vitamin. It has been shown to help improve mood and relieve depression. A study published in “Medical Hypotheses” suggests that folic acid supplementation may help remedy premature ejaculation by interacting with monoamine neurotransmitters in the brain (the same way antidepressants work).

Panax Ginseng: The root of the Panax ginseng has a wide range of uses in traditional medicine. Besides improving blood flow, erectile function, stamina and libido – it has also been effectively used to remedy early orgasm in men.

Clove: Studies suggest that Clove flower can be helpful to men suffering from quick climax. It is used in combination with other herbal ingredients to delay ejaculation in men and the results are positive.

Dong Quai: The root of this plant has been used for ages in traditional Chinese medicine for different purposes. It is used in multi-ingredient herbal topical preparations for the treatment of premature climax.

Premature ejaculation can be a lifelong condition, meaning that it has been with you since the beginning of your sexual history, or it may develop at any time as a result of one or more of the causes discussed above.

If you suspect you have this condition it is best to visit your doctor to discuss the problem. Your doctor can better diagnose it, understand the causes and recommend certain treatments or prescribe a medication for you.

Premature ejaculation does not have to be either a mystery or an embarrassment. There are ways to overcome it and doctors can prescribe medication if needed. It can prove to be difficult to discuss this problem with someone else, but remember that your relationship and sexual well-being may be at stake.

Where Can I Buy These Vitamins and Herbs?

You can find the above-mentioned substances in many supplement and drug stores online.

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Are Penis Enlargement Oils Any Good?

Penis enlargement oil and gel You’ve probably heard and read a lot about penis pills and drugs, but not so much about topical penis enhancers. Is that because topical supplements are less effective than orally administered ones?

Well, if we examine the herbal and natural ingredients used in most male enhancement supplies and how they work, we’ll understand that most of them don’t have topical effects within the reproductive organ itself. Rather, they work as mood enhancing, stress relieving, blood vessel relaxing and tissue building agents throughout the body. So, oral administration and intestinal absorption would be more beneficial than topical administration.

So, Are Oils Less Beneficial Than Pills?

Penis enlargement oils can be an exception in that, if used regularly and properly, they may lead to greater improvements than pills alone can achieve. How so? It’s because the oil is applied through penile massaging and exercising, thus combining the benefits of both absorbed active ingredients and exercises.

Correctly performed massages and exercises that accompany the application of enhancement oil help increase blood flow in the penis, and the constant gentle stretching gradually leads to increased length and girth through natural micro tissue tears and repairs (cell division and growth). This kind of growth cannot be achieved with the digestion of pills alone, and this makes oils and exercises together a better choice for men seeking permanent size growth.

Why Not So Popular?

There’s one major drawback to using oils instead of pills or devices though. And that is it requires daily sessions of about 30 minutes (more or less according to the routine followed), and it takes weeks or months for significant results to be attained.

Any Recommendations?

If you have enough spare time and determination to spend about 30 minutes daily massaging and exercising your penis, then we definitely recommend that you try topical penis enhancers.

We’d recommend one of the following brands: VigRx Oil and ProSolution Gel (this is a gel not oil, but can be used similarly). The latter offers free membership to a professional penis exercise program which can save you a decent amount of money.

Which Penis Enhancement Products Do Other Customers Buy?

SizeGenetics and VigRx Plus are the top-selling penis enlargement products at You may be inquisitive about which penis enhancement products other men are buying. With increasing awareness about spam and sly online rip-offs, people are more circumspect about penis enlargement supplements and tools promoted over the Internet. Most buyers would opt for a product that either was personally recommended to them by someone who has satisfactorily used it, or one that they believe is the best after doing adequate research. So, knowing which brands are popular and top-selling can help you select a product that works and is trusted by others.

While does not supply or distribute any products, we are affiliated with some of the top-notch sexual health merchants to whom we refer visitors and customers. Among the many products that we feature and review on this site, a few has been dominating sale charts for quite a long period of time now. Below we discuss the top-sellers in both the penis extender and enhancement pill categories based on our statistics up to the date of this post.

Top-Selling Penis Extender Devices

More than 60% of our customers who bought a penis extender chose the new and improved SizeGenetics enlargement system. With its innovative comfort technology, SizeGenetics is the best and most effective penile extender that money can buy. The next top-selling PE device is the elegant Male Edge penis stretcher that features a unique, solid design and a clinically proven technology – Male Edge sales made up more than 30% of total extender purchases.

Top-Selling Penis Pills

When it comes to pills, there are probably hundreds of brands that promise a bigger penis. While most manufacturers exaggerate, and even flagrantly lie, about expected results, some male enhancement pills live up to what they claim.

From the several penile pills featured on Penile Guider, the VigRX Plus offer was chosen by about 48% of customers who purchased enhancement pills. The second best-selling pill is the new Male Extra natural supplement.

Which Product Should I Buy?

Well, that depends on what your goal is. If you have a small penis and would like to add some size by stimulating natural growth, then the SizeGenetics system is what you need to get. But, if you are looking for a boost in your sexual energy, desire and increased blood flow for larger and stiffer erections, then VigRx Plus would be the best choice.

Man Claims Penis Pill Fractured His Penis

Virilis Pro is an herbal male enhancement pill A man from Texas claimed that Virilis Pro, a natural male enhancement supplement manufactured and sold by Haute Health LLC, broke his penis and is suing the company for damages.

29-year-old Adrian Carter bought a pack of Virilis Pro pills from a gas station while in his way to a motel, where he had sexual intercourse with his lover.

After experiencing severe pain and noticing blood spurting out of his penis, he went to ER where his penis got degloved by doctors to repair the fractured organ. The surgery led to a dysfunctional penis.

Penile fracture is a common condition that is usually caused by rough sex or unusual positions. Prescription drugs and herbal male enhancement supplements are not known to cause this condition in men. It would be interesting if Carter wins this case.

Increase Size of your Corpora Cavernosa – Leg exercises erectile dysfunction in 2019

increase size corpora cavernosa

Want to increase the size of your erections naturally and for free? Try this simple trick: exercise your legs!

This is not a joke! You can actually improve your erectile function and strength by training your upper leg muscles, thighs and groins. Maybe it would make more sense if you consider the mechanism of an erection:

In short, and without going into what happens on cellular level as it’s irrelevant to our topic, when a man is sexually aroused the brain sends signals to the genitals that lead to relaxation of smooth muscles within blood vessel walls in the penis. This facilitates for and allows increased blood inflow inside the erectile tissues of the penis. The blood then fills the two inflatable chambers inside the shaft known as corpora cavernosa.

So, the better your circulation, the stronger and larger (in length and girth) your erect penis will be. That explains why men with heart problems and poor circulation usually suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Boosting the amount of blood that flows into the penis would enable men with a weak erection to temporarily boast a big and rigid boner! But, what can you do to achieve that?

Exercising your legs can naturally lead to increased blood flow and dilation of blood vessels in the legs and surrounding areas. Upper leg exercises can help relax and expand blood vessels in the penis contributing to fuller and harder erections.

Continue reading

Easily Detect and Avoid Penis Enlargement Pill Scams

The Internet is saturated with penis enlargement pill scams that you can easily avoid The penis enlargement industry has been growing by leaps and bounds over the past few years. Thanks to the instant global exposure of their products via the Internet, some manufacturers of penis enlargement pills are going to the extremes in order to increase their sales volume. Several “marketers” do not blink an eyelid while making tall claims regarding the products they promote, which are often exaggerated and even entirely unrealistic. The dangerous trend, however, is the reliance placed by gullible consumers on these dubious claims and promises, which may lead to serious health risks instead of increasing the penis size.

Here are some tips that will help you to avoid penis pill scams perpetrated through unrealistic claims:

If it’s Too Good to be True, it Probably is

While looking for penis enlargement pills, always remember that the size of the penis takes time to increase naturally. It’s a painstakingly slow process and the results will take months to become noticeable. So, if any penile pill company is claiming to achieve size gains within a few days or in 1-2 months, it’s an overstatement. At best, you can experience harder and fuller erections, but permanent size gain is not possible in such a short period of time through pills.

Similarly, there may be companies that claim ridiculous size and girth gains. For instance, you may be promised 3-4 extra inches in length and up to 40% in girth. Such claims are unsustainable, as length gains rarely exceed 2 inches and increase in width is usually below 25%. Also, penile exercises may be required for permanent results. And even with the help of exercises, you will have to follow the regime consistently for 6 months to 1 year in order to get long-term remarkable gains.

Trust Only Reputable Companies

The penis is a sensitive sexual organ in the male body and should never be made a subject of experimentation. Unscrupulous companies may exploit your desire to have a bigger organ by offering cheap, low quality, or even fake ingredients, which may ultimately end up harming the reproductive function of the penis. Therefore, it becomes imperative to only trust reputable companies that have a long track record of satisfying their customers with quality and result-oriented products.

Check the Ingredients

Most manufacturers provide a list of ingredients of their penis enlargement pills on their website or on the pill cover. You should research and educate yourself about each common ingredient used by the pills’ manufacturers and their respective benefits and side effects (if any). This will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy the pills or not. If the ingredients are not mentioned anywhere, or introduced as a “secret formula” that no other manufacturer knows about, it’s a sure indicator that the pills are nothing but a scam.

Online Presence

Most penis enlargement pills are sold online as it is a more convenient and discreet medium, which can save men the embarrassment of asking for such products. Here are the red lines that you must watch out for in internet-based companies:

  1. No official website of the company.
  2. No contact information or physical address of the company.
  3. Company not providing any online or phone support for their sales.
  4. Unoriginal/Copied material on their website, such as photos, logos, videos, and in some cases, even testimonials are pulled out from other sites.
  5. Companies indulging in unsolicited communications (spam) with prospective customers.
  6. No return/refund policy, terms and conditions or privacy policy.
  7. Be extra careful with websites offering free trials of their products, as many of these are flagrant scammers who will keep automatically charging your credit card and sending you further supplies after your trial expires, without providing a straightforward and easy way to cancel the subscription.
  8. Generally speaking, sites with longer domain names and/or more than one dash in the name have a greater chance of perpetrating scam, e.g. “” – This does not sound like, and should not be an official website for a real product.

Penis Size and Race: Facts and Myths

Black men having bigger penises is a myth with no scientific evidence There are myths to do with almost every subject, but subjects that are not fully understood or don’t have a particularly rational explanation seem to be surrounded by a higher than average number of myths.

One subject that falls into this category is penis size; the myth being that the size of a man’s penis is somehow related to his race or ethnicity. Most people have heard tall tales about black men having larger than average penises, however, there never has been and still isn’t any statistical evidence to back up this statement.

The truth of the matter is that penile size, just like eye color, hair color, height; a propensity to gain weight or go bald is due to genetics. Despite this however, it isn’t quite a straightforward as a son automatically having the same size as his father.

All children inherit their genes from both their father and their mother, it is therefore possible for the genes that determine the size of the penis to come from the mother’s side of the family and result in the child having a larger or smaller penis than his father. It could also be that two brothers have different sized penises if one inherits the relevant gene from their mother and the other inherits the gene from their father.

Despite the scientific and medical research that has been carried out on the subject of penis size, the widely recognized and deeply ingrained myth that it is related to race endures. This is mainly because it takes advantage of men’s insecurity and makes it difficult for them to rationalize information on the subject or to think about it logically.

The myth is allowed to perpetuate because it is a difficult subject for men to discuss, unfortunately in the meantime the widespread insecurity it creates continues to spread and endure.

Doubt About The Benefits of Prostate Cancer Screening

Regular PSA screening doesn't lower deaths An ongoing, long-term study which was originally launched in 1993 has just published their most recent findings which show that men who had been screened for prostate cancer on an annual basis were no less likely to die from the disease than those who were screened only as a result of their doctor’s recommendation.

The study involved 76,000 men who were between the ages of 55 to 74 and took place over a period of 6 years, each of the men has been subsequently monitored for at least 10 years and some for as long as 13 years.

The research was carried out at the Washington University School of Medicine and led by Dr. Gerald Andriole. According to Dr. Andriole, the findings suggested that prostate cancer screening should be carried on healthier, younger men as well as being targeted at those who are known to be at risk, due to their family history.

PSA, a method of screening men used to establish if they have prostate cancer, is widely used across the full spectrum of men aged 50 and above even if they have no reason to suspect they have the disease.

There are currently two screening methods; one is by taking a blood sample in order to measure it for the specific concentration of a molecule called the prostate-specific antigen, or PSA. The other is for a doctor to undertake a physical examination.

PSA has been controversial for almost as long as it has been available. Although prostate cancer is universally recognized as being a painful and potentially fatal illness, it often progresses at such a slow pace that it won’t cause the patient any problems.

Unfortunately, neither of the screening methods which are currently available is able to identify how the cancer will advance. Screening protocol has long been a balancing act between the desire to save lives and potentially unnecessary treatment which may leave a man unable to perform sexually or incontinent.

Experts in the field who impugn the benefits of regular screening believe that there is a general tendency to assume that any test which identifies a disease is a positive thing. They argue that each patient needs to have a consultation with their own doctor about their individual case before a screening decision is taken.

There is also growing concern relating to large scale screening as opponents consider that education and discussions regarding the pros and cons are often missed out and leave men with very little information and wondering why they have been tested.

Viagra Found Helpful for Heart Problems

Viagra could help treat diastolic heart failure Recent research into Viagra has found that it can also be used effectively to reduce and treat the effects of heart disease. The study showed that the little blue tablet which has already been so widely successful in treating erectile dysfunction has also got the potential to revolutionize the way doctors treat heart patients.

The latest study was carried out in Germany and the U.S. and was able to show that it is the relaxing effect of Sildenafil (Viagra’s active ingredient) which is of benefit to sufferers of diastolic heart failure. Researchers have identified that sildenafil improves the flexibility of the heart’s ventricle walls by releasing an enzyme which in in turn causes the molecular protein in cells to soften and relax.

Sildenafil restrains the enzyme which assists the body’s blood flow inconsistently in different areas of the human body and although it increases blood flow to the penis by suppressing the phosphodiesterase enzyme, the new study showed that sildenafil causes the heart muscle protein, titin to relax.

Doctors have been aware that a reduced capacity of heart muscle to stretch is the cause of diastolic heart failure for many years. The condition is caused by a variety of factors, including blocked arteries, cardiomyopathy and high, unregulated blood pressure; however, it has not been possible to successfully treat the disease until now because of a lack of suitable drugs. This new study has been able to clarify how Viagra may be able to change and improve this situation to offer relief to thousands of people right across the world.

The recent research confirms that people suffering from diastolic heart failure have overly rigid heart ventricles and as a result the heart chambers aren’t supplied with adequate amounts of blood. This mismatch of pressure has the effect of causing blood to ‘hold’ into the air spaces of the patients lungs and subsequently causes extreme breathing hardships. Pulmonary edema which was caused as a result of a dysfunctional diastolic condition cannot be fully transmitted by a failing pump and symptoms may be incredibly sudden or insidious and spread over a long period of time.

The study was able to show how sildenafil inhibits one particular enzyme, which causes an increase in the formation of messenger matter; this substance in turn activates the protein which attaches groups of phosphate to other proteins. This process is referred to as ‘phosphorylation’ and is what causes the blood vessels to relax, which brings us full circle back to why Viagra was originally introduced to the market.

Researchers from both the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and Ruhr Universitat in Germany were led by Dr Wolfgang Linke from the German university’s Physiology department and the findings were so positive that a patient trial is already being carried out in America.

Dr Linke told the journal ‘circulation’ that if the trial is able to confirm that Viagra has a positive effect of this particular type of heart disease, the molecular mechanism will already be on hand to explain why.