Don’t Get Scammed by Fake Penis Enlargement Offers

FACT: Penis Enlargement Pills Cannot Make You 3-Inches Larger

Pills alone will not make your penis grow, period! Any website that promises 3 or 4 inch gain by “just” taking a pill is a blatant lie, we promise you that!

Clinically-proven herbal enlargement pills can only help increase and enlarge “erection size” (length and width) by relaxing blood vessels and allowing more blood to flow into the penis. This temporary increase in size doesn’t exceed one inch in most cases, and that’s the best you should expect a pill to do on its own.

Some experts claim that due to the increase in blood flow into the penis, the erectile chambers of the penis, which hold blood during an erection, will eventually adapt to this increase by expanding and growing, resulting in permanent enlargement of the organ. But this proposition has its proponents and opponents, with no conclusive scientific evidence to support either side.

Penis pills, however, can help a man gain an inch or more in penile length and girth, if used in conjunction with a professional penis enlargement exercise program, a medical- grade penis extender (traction) device, or both.

Most penis pill programs come with an exercise program, or recommend the use of a penis extender, which is the only way to achieve remarkable, long-lasting enlargement of the penis.

FACT: Free Trials are a Common Scammer Tactic

Many people get lured by Free Trail penis pill offers thinking to themselves ‘what do I have to lose?’ Well, could be a lot actually! Free trial websites ask consumers to fill out their personal and credit card details in order to receive their “free” trail package, and usually they charge a nominal shipping fee, for example $1.95.

But what they don’t clearly state is that your free trial order is actually a never-ending subscription to the product. In other words, after your trial period expires (usually within 15 days) they will automatically ship you additional supply and charge your credit card the full price + shipping cost. Most people who fall for such deceptive offers realize that they’ve been duped only after receiving packages with additional supplies that they did not ask for. Trying to cancel your “subscription” could be anything but straightforward or simple.

So, steer away from the dodgy free trails and remember that good products don’t come for free!

FACT: Secret Formulas Don’t Exist

There are no secrets or magical products when it comes to male enhancement. Genuine pills contain herbal extracts and natural substances that have been clinically and/or traditionally proven to help men enhance their sexual ability. There are no “secret” ingredients that no other manufacturers know about. And if a manufacturer does not list their ingredients, then they have something to hide.