DIY Tips to Make Your Penis Look Bigger for Free

If you want a larger penis but not willing to spend any money on enlargement products, then you are on the right page. The following are some tips to help you increase your size at home and completely for free.

Gotta lose it:
I hate to say it, but you have to lose those extra pounds you’re carrying around. I am assuming that most of us do have extra pounds of fat here and there (no argument here). A man who is overweight or obese would have additional layers of fat around the base of his penis, causing part of the shaft’s length to be sunken into that fat, and thus giving the penis a shorter look.
Some people claim that you’ll gain an inch in length if you lose xx (e.g. 35) pounds, but there’s no general formula to calculate that. It will depend on your body’s structure, and so results may vary from one individual to another. But one thing is for sure; losing weight (fat) will definitely make your willy appear longer. Having a healthy weight and good fitness is also important for better overall sexual health and experience.

Keep it groomed:
Did you know that long pubic hair can cover up to one inch of the shaft’s length? That’s just another reason to trim, shave, or better yet, wax (ouch!) your pubes.

Warm it up:
Blood flow to the penis during arousal is what makes it full and erect. Taking a hot, relaxing shower before sex will help expand your blood vessels and increase blood flow throughout your body including down there, which should result in fuller and larger erections.

Diet & Exercise:
Maintaining an overall healthy and fit body is key for better sexual health. Exercise regularly, and eat lots of fruits, vegetables and other heart-healthy foods to improve your cardiovascular health. A healthy heart and undamaged blood vessels are essential for the erectile function.