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Sensual Couple in Bed Here you will learn about the most popular and effective all-natural approaches for penis and male enhancement that have benefited millions of men worldwide. In a nutshell, they are:

  • Herbal supplements (usually come as an orally-administered pill).
  • Traction-based penis extender devices.
  • Air and water-based vacuum penis pumps.
  • Penile exercise routines.

Is Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement Really Possible?

Non-surgical penis enlargement is possible Yes, it is! Some penis enlargement techniques, like stretching, go back to thousands of years ago when no medical technologies were available. Today, with the great advances in the fields of conventional and alternative medicine, there are a handful of different non-surgical, clinically proven methods that can help men increase their penis size, either in a temporary or permanent manner.

In the twenty-first century, penile traction devices and professional exercise programs are the two natural options men can take advantage of to stimulate permanent penile growth without resorting to high-risk, high-cost and usually unsatisfactory phallic augmentation surgery. On top of that there is the psychological hurdle of going under the knife, which makes the surgery option out of question for most men not happy with their current penis size.

But, don’t get too excited already! Although there are many success stories and clinical studies of men achieving satisfying results with non-invasive enlargement methods – traction devices in particular – results considerably varied from on individual to another, and some users had more complaints than commendation. There are no products of any form approved by the FDA for the purpose of enlarging the male reproductive organ.

So to wrap it up, penis extenders (traction devices) and exercises are the only natural approaches to PERMANENTLY increase the size of the penis anatomy, and they have shown some scientific evidence and practical efficacy. However, these are NOT 100% GUARANTEED to produce significant size enlargement for all men, and the results will vary individually. If you are very anxious about wanting to make your dick bigger then there isn’t much to lose by trying it, as long as you are in a good health condition and you follow safe use guidelines.

Fact: Non-surgical penile enlargement is achievable through long-term use of stretching techniques. However, results vary and there is no absolute guarantee of substantial success.

Do You Need a Bigger Penis?

Many men measure their manhood by their phallic size Size is one of the most sensitive issues for most (if not all) men. The penis has been historically associated with manliness, and men think of it as more than just a bodily apparatus that has biological function (reproduction). Many men feel insecure and below par when it comes to penis size, especially those who watch porn and compare what they have with those of he-man pornstars. Each man may have different reasons as to why he is interested in having a larger member, but in general it has more to do with self-image and confidence rather than what women actually want in a man.

You most probably don’t need to be any larger downstairs! Some surveys found that the majority of men who thought they had a small penis actually had an average or even above-average size. If your erect penis measures 6 inches or more in length you don’t really need to make it any longer. That would be big enough to satisfy any woman and accomplish anything a man could ‘imaginably’ want to do in the bedroom. A size of 6+ inches would well place you in the above-average category, as the average fully-erect length is between 5 and 6 inches in most countries.

If you have a good penis length, you may still want to increase your girth and hardness, and this can be effectively done by taking natural supplements to increase your penile blood flow.

Tip: You do not need any permanent enlargement if your erection is 6 inches or longer. You can still benefit from nutritional penis enlargement pills to improve your erection fullness, strength and endurance.

What Can Male Enhancement Pills Do for You?

Many male enhancement pills are available in the market Pills or tablets are the preferred treatment option and the first choice most people would consider when trying to fix their health issues, and that’s because nothing is easier than popping a pill and letting it take care of the rest. Male enhancement pills, which are also called penis pills, are known as the easiest, fastest, and most time and cost effective method of improving male sexuality. But, there are things that pills alone cannot help you achieve.

So, let’s first talk about what herbal male enhancement pills can help you accomplish, and these include:

  • Relaxed blood vessels, which results in increased blood flow to the penis. More blood flowing into the penis = bigger and harder erections.
  • Increased sex drive (libido).
  • More stamina (sexual energy) that can keep you going for hours.
  • Increased pleasure and satisfaction in the bedroom.
  • Other life-enhancing effects, like improving cardiovascular health, prostate health, cell viability, cellular energy, fertility (sperm count and survival) and other health enhancements that will have a positive effect on your erectile function and sexual performance.

Many all-natural male enhancement supplements can effectively help you enjoy some or all the benefits listed above, while naturally working to build up long-term sexual enhancement, as opposed to quick-fix prescription drugs that don’t last for more than a few hours and may cause serious side effects.

Another thing you must know about male enhancement (or enlargement) pills is that they cannot make your penis grow bigger on their own, period. Any product or website that claims otherwise is a blatant SCAM. Once you are beyond the post-pubertal age (16-20 years old) there’s no known natural remedy or prescription medicine that will make your penis grow bigger. Supplements can only make your ERECTION bigger by increasing the amount of blood that flows into your penis, but this increase is not of the biological size of the organ, and it’s usually less than an inch in length and girth.

However, pills can be combined with another enlargement technique, most commonly extender devices or exercises, to achieve permanent increase of penile size at a faster rate. By improving blood flow and providing the body with essential vitamins and minerals, natural supplements can maximize the gains achieved by either manually exercising the penis or stretching it with a traction device.

Fact: Natural penis and male enhancement supplements are a safe way to improve penile blood circulation, erectile function and strength, and overall virility. However, pills will not make your penis grow permanently.

What Can Penis Extenders Do for You?

Using a penis extender is the most effective way for permanent enlargement Penis extenders, aka penile traction devices, are the only clinically proven penile elongation technique.

Studies have shown that wearing a penis extender daily for about 6 months can increase size by up to 33% in length and up to an inch in girth (width). However, results were dependent on several individual factors – like age, lifestyle and compliance – and so no one can guarantee you a specific gain in size.

The idea behind the extender device is that the constant traction force it applies to the penis causes micro-tears in the penile tissue (just like weight training does to your body muscles), which triggers the body to generate new cells and build new tissue to adapt to the increased stress and ultimately causing the penis to grow longer. There have also been claims of girth increase as a result of multidimensional stretching settings and/or manual exercises available with some products.

The amount of tension the device applies to your shaft is adjustable and should be increased regularly according to the usage instructions provided by the manufacturer (A user manual and/or instructional DVD should be packed with the device).

Another application of extender devices is correcting penis curvature. Some patients with Peyronie’s disease (a condition that causes a bent penis) have achieved a noticeable improvement in their curvature after using the traction therapy for several months.

To learn more about penis extenders, their safety and possible results you can check out this in-depth article. If you are looking to buy a quality penis extender then take a look at my brief review of the top 3 traction systems here.

Fact: Penis extenders are the only non-invasive solution to stimulate PERMANENT GROWTH in the penis. They are most effective for making the penis longer, but results vary from one individual to another.

What Can Penis Pumps Do for You?

Penis pumps that work based on water pressure have become popular recently Among the different dick enlargement gadgets out there, penis pumps may be the most known in popular culture – thanks to Austin Powers and his Swedish-made penis enlarger pump! LOL.

There are mainly two types of pumps for men; air vacuum pumps that work by creating air vacuum inside the cylinder, and water-based pumps that utilize water pressure inside the cylinder to force the penis to expand. Water-based pumps are the latest innovation in this category of enlargement devices, and they seem to be safer and more effective than the traditional penis pumps that use air pressure.

Penis pumps increase the capacity of erectile tissue to hold more blood during an erection. They force the internal penile structure (two expandable chambers called corpora cavernosa) to expand and take in more blood, thus giving you a temporary big and hard erection.

Millions of men from all over the world have used penis pumps to gain the following benefits:

  • Overcome erectile dysfunction and get a hard-on instantly.
  • Gain fast, temporary increment in penile length and girth.
  • Increase blood circulation in the penis and its capacity to hold more blood.
  • Achieve some long lasting enlargement in the erect and flaccid size. This effect may be possible with dedicated regular use for a few months or more.

Fact: Penis pumps can be used for both immediate and long-term penis enlargement. They may not be as effective as extenders in causing permanent lengthening, but they produce faster and better results as long as girth and rigidity are concerned.

What Can Penis Exercises Do for You?

Penis exercises can enlarge your sex organ Penis exercises are also a very popular and long-proven way of getting a larger willy. There are exercises – like the Jelqing/Milking exercise – that have been confirmed to help increase blood flow in the genital area and increase penile size when performed properly and constantly. In addition to size gain, certain exercises – like the pelvic floor exercise known as Kegel – are also a great way to treat premature ejaculation and control your orgasms.

Penis exercises are the most natural approach to penis enhancement with least safety concerns. If you’d prefer to take matters into your own hands, so to speak, then exercises may suit your needs best. Also, if you don’t have much money (or unwilling) to spend on other enlargement products then exercises, which can mostly be learned for free, can be your safest option.

However, just like with weight training, penis exercises require dedication and commitment to reach satisfactory results. They must also be done in a professional way to avoid injury or unwanted side effects. That’s why it’s not an easy or quick solution, and most men would prefer another method that requires less time and effort, like pills or devices.

Fact: Combining exercises with other products is advised to maximize results, which is why some supplements and devices also offer a professional exercise program (DVD), either as a free bonus or an add-on for an extra charge.

So, a Pill, an Extender, a Pump or Exercises? Which Should I Choose?

Well, that depends on what you’re after…

If you are looking for actual growth of your penis then an extender device or an exercise program is what you should be using. A combination of both will produce greater results.

However, if you are seeking long-lasting harder and fuller erections, naturally boosted circulation, more libido and sexual power, and better quality of life then penis pills would be your best bet.

Alternatively, you can use a phallic pump to expand your erection length and girth giving you an instant, temporary ‘enlargement’.

If you are still not sure which technique would work better for you, this comparison table may help you decide as it sheds light on the key features and differences of the 4 discussed enlargement approaches:

Pills Extenders Pumps Exercises
Causes permanent growth? No, don’t listen to scammers! Yes, studies found they are effective for penile elongation. Maybe, there are some claims of slight permanent enlargement. Yes, but takes a long time to see any increase in size.
Increases length? Yes, due to improved circulation and engorgement. Yes, most efficient lengthening method besides surgery. Yes, but it begins shrinking back to normal size in a short time. Yes, somewhat.
Increases girth? Yes, caused by increased blood flow into erectile tissue. Maybe, with directional traction. Yes, caused by forced engorgement. Yes, certain exercises can help promote girth growth.
Improves circulation? Yes, it will last for as long as you keep taking the pills daily. Yes, but not considerably. Yes, but effect goes away shortly after use. Yes, during and after exercise.
Makes penis stronger? Yes, pills nourish and strengthen your penis with continued consumption. Possibly, but not intended to. Yes, but it may go weak again in minutes. Yes, over the long haul.
Boosts sex drive? Yes, pills are best known for their aphrodisiac effect. Possible aftereffect due to boosted confidence, self-esteem and satisfaction. Possibly. Possibly.
Raises male stamina? Yes. No. No. Possibly.
Makes you last longer? Yes, some pills are specifically formulated to remedy early climax. No. Maybe, you can use it to train your ejaculatory reflex. Yes, there are exercises that aim to cure premature ejaculation.
Does it work fast? Pills are quite quick-acting, results usually start showing in a few hours. You should keep taking your daily serving to maintain all-day enhancement. It normally takes at least six months to develop noticeable results. Each individual may experience different outcome. You get a good-sized boner right away, but it starts losing strength the moment you remove the device. Not really, exercises should be performed for months or years to get some worthwhile gains.
Is it clinically proven? Yes, many of the natural ingredients used in the pills have convincing scientific literature to support their efficacy. Yes, some independent scientific researches concluded that extenders can help men augment their sex organ. Clinical studies on erectile pumps are scarce, but they have been proven helpful for men with erectile dysfunction. No sufficient clinical proof.
Is it safe? Yes, for healthy men in general. Minor side effects may arise in some users. Consulting with your doctor is always advised. Yes, given that it is used according to manufacturer’s instructions. Yes, but requires more attention and care to avoid external or internal penile injury. Yes, as long as you adhere to safety guidelines.
How affordable is it? Prices are within reason and vary depending on product quality and customer service. Many good male supplements are sold for around $50 per container. ‘Cheap’ pills may contain low-quality or ineffective ingredients. The cost of extenders varies with quality. These devices are often sold in all-inclusive packages with extra accessories, spare parts and other bonuses. Expect to spend anywhere from $200 to $400 if you are looking for a good bang for the buck. Pumps are a cost-effective options with most brands priced in the $50-$150 range. Better durability and pumping mechanism means a higher price. You can purchase a professional instructional DVD for around $50, or you can learn to do it yourself without paying a penny! You can find many free online guides and tutorials on penis exercises, but getting a professional DVD is safer and time-saving.
Other benefits: Besides sexual enhancements, most male enhancement pills also have life-enhancing and overall health benefits. Some extenders are very flexible and can be used in different settings to exercises the penis. Water-based pumps can be used in the bathroom for self-pleasuring (masturbation). Can be performed for self-pleasure.

Fact: Some brands offer a comprehensive system that combines the power of an extender device with the effectiveness of exercises, and may also include a natural supplement to deliver ultimate results more quickly.