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Sensual Couple in Bed Here you will learn about the most popular and effective all-natural approaches for penis and male enhancement that have benefited millions of men worldwide. In a nutshell, they are:

    • Herbal supplements (usually come as an orally-administered pill).
    • Traction-based penis extender devices.
    • Air and water-based vacuum penis pumps.
    • Penile exercise routines.

Pills or tablets are the preferred treatment option and the first choice most people would consider when trying to fix their health issues, and that’s because nothing is easier than popping a pill and letting it take care of the rest. Male enhancement pills, which are also called penis pills, are known as the easiest, fastest, and most time and cost effective method of improving male sexuality. But, there are things that pills alone cannot help you achieve.

Using a penis extender is the most effective way for permanent enlargementOther alternatives are Penis extenders, aka penile traction devices, are the only clinically proven penile elongation technique.

Studies have shown that wearing a penis extender daily for about 6 months can increase size by up to 33% in length and up to an inch in girth (width). However, results were dependent on several individual factors – like age, lifestyle and compliance – and so no one can guarantee you a specific gain in size.

Penis pumps that work based on water pressure have become popular recently Among the different dick enlargement gadgets out there, penis pumps may be the most known in popular culture – thanks to Austin Powers and his Swedish-made penis enlarger pump! LOL.

There are mainly two types of pumps for men; air vacuum pumps that work by creating air vacuum inside the cylinder, and water-based pumps that utilize water pressure inside the cylinder to force the penis to expand. Water-based pumps are the latest innovation in this category of enlargement devices, and they seem to be safer and more effective than the traditional penis pumps that use air pressure.

Penis pumps increase the capacity of erectile tissue to hold more blood during an erection. They force the internal penile structure (two expandable chambers called corpora cavernosa) to expand and take in more blood, thus giving you a temporary big and hard erection.



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