Bigger Erections Through Leg Exercises!

Squats and other leg exercises can improve blood flow in the penis leading to bigger erections This is not a joke! You can actually increase the size of your erections by exercising your legs, especially the upper part (thighs and around the groins). It would make more sense if you consider the mechanism of an erection:

In short, and without going into what happens on cellular level as it’s irrelevant to our topic, when a man is sexually aroused the brain sends signals to the genitals that lead to relaxation of smooth muscles within blood vessel walls in the penis. This facilitates for and allows increased blood inflow inside the erectile tissue of the penis. This explains why men with heart problems and poor circulation usually suffer from erectile dysfunction.

The amount of blood that flows into your penis determines how big and rigid it rises; the more blood going in, the larger and fuller the erection will be. That’s basically the working mechanism of erectile dysfunction medications, like Viagra and Cialis, which merely relax blood vessels allowing them to accommodate increased blood influx.

Exercising your legs can naturally lead to increased blood flow and dilation of blood vessels in the legs and surrounding areas. Upper leg exercises can help relax and stretch out blood vessels in the penis contributing to fuller and harder erections. Such exercises include squats, jogging, running, and others that target inner thigh muscles as these are the closest major muscles to the penis.

So, next time you’re about to go in the bedroom, take a few minutes to do some squats and running in place to get blood flowing down there. But be careful not to exhaust yourself as you’ll need the stamina in the bedroom 🙂

Circulation and Penis Enlargement

In addition to improved erectile function, better circulation in the groins and penis can also improve penis enlargement gains when using an extender device or another enlargement technique. That’s because penile tissue needs proper nutrition; including minerals, vitamins and amino acids, for healing and cell duplication. Healthy circulation ensures that your penis is supplied with adequate amounts of the nutrients it needs to grow bigger.